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Bio When someone tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide you didn’t.
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iPhone : 9: Do not BREATHE in my proximity!
12: (breathing loudly) I’m stealing all your air.

Brothers are jerks.

iPhone : Me calculating how much people owe me for wasting my time.

iPhone : CNN Kids were acting like kids and her first thought was to grab her gun and threaten to shoot them? 🙄 Then claims it’s not because of their skin colour. Riiiiiight.

iPhone : when i was like 11 I asked my mom why homeless people couldn't just get jobs and she didn't even answer she just rubbed her temples and said "i swear to god if you end up being a Republican" lol i should really call her more often

iPhone : Missing Girl:
10 y/o Jiselle Banchon-Loayza.
LS at 4pm, Dee Ave and Humber Rec Trail.
She is 52, w long dark hair braided in a ponytail.
Wearing blk/ purple framed glasses, white t-shirt black leggings, purple backpack
We are concerned. If seen pls call 4168081200

iPhone : Some days I eat so clean and exercise like a mad woman. Other days I binge on Oreos, ice cream, and wine and wonder why I am the way I am.