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Bio Founded by Dian Fossey to save gorillas & habitat in Africa. Gorilla monitoring, anti-poaching, education, local health, clean water & community projects.
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Buffer : A new study based on research at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda and just published in “Scientific Reports” suggests that male mountain gorillas who are nice to infants have greater success in siring more infants. More about this fascinating study:

Buffer : Blackback Umuganda and adult female Urahirwa grew up together in Ntambaras group. They formed a strong bond from an early age as they were born just few months apart. Even though theyve grown up, they still engage in long and rough playing. (Video by Cedric Ujeneza)

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Buffer : The Fossey Fund teams from Rwanda and the DRC recently got together for a friendly soccer match. #FridayFunday #Karisoccer ⚽️💛💚🦍

Buffer : More great news from the field: Fossey Fund trackers spotted female Izihirwa with a new baby! Musilikales successful group has grown to 20 gorillas and 7 of those are infants! (Photo: Jean De Dieu Nsanzineza)

Buffer : Dominant silverback Pato displays his social bond with female Kurudi by grooming her. Youll notice infant Macibiri tries to interfere to get their attention, but the look Pato gives back is priceless. 🤣 Learn more about why gorillas groom each other:

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Twitter Web Client : 🎉 Happy Birthday to Sigourney Weaver, a true hero for gorilla conservation! "Gorillas in the Mist" came out 30 years ago and is still just as powerful as the day it debuted. If you've never watched the film, you HAVE to see it!

Buffer : Need some good news to start the week? 7-month-old Umuryango, the youngest of Pablos group, taking his first steps all by himself but still close to mother Ishema. This is an important milestone in the infant development! 😍 🦍 (Video Cedric Ujeneza)

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Buffer : Rare sight of the Crowned Horn bill during the bird monitoring done by Fossey Fund in the Volcanoes National Park. While it is common to see this species in the Savannah area in the east of Rwanda it is rare to see it in the Volcanoes region! (Photos by Yntze van der Hoek)

Twitter Web Client : Thank you to AZA Conservation Grants Fund for selecting “Addressing Critical Needs of Poachers to Conserve Mountain Gorillas & the Greater Biodiversity of Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda” by Fossey Gorilla Fund & partners -- including Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! 🦍 #AZA2018

Buffer : The mountain gorilla habitat is actually very rainy. Gorillas are used to rain but definitely dislike it. They gather together with their bodies and heads bent to minimize exposure. Moms keeps their infants warm like mother Kurudi is protecting infant Macibiri here.

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Buffer : 7-month old Umuryango from Pablos group was named at the latest Kwita Izina and is not quite capable of walking by himself. That doesnt hold him back though, he still manages to check out his surroundings from mother Ishemas back! (Photo by Nadia Niyonizeye)

Buffer : The Fossey Fund team in Nkuba, DRC also participated in #WorldGorillaDay! Thank you to the Fossey Fund team in the Democratic Republic of Congo for this wonderful celebration and for educating the next generation of conservationists! What we do in Nkuba:

Buffer : Its a boy!!! 🦍 🎊 Gorilla Program Manager, Jean Paul Hirwa was able to get these wonderful photos today of mother Ishyaka and her one-day-old newborn infant.

Twitter Web Client : 🌍🦍 A big thanks to all who participated in #WorldGorillaDay and to everyone who "adopted" Digit! Here's a wonderful video from the National Geographic archives where Dian speaks from the heart about the gorillas she loved, including her beloved Digit.…

Twitter Web Client : As kids, we think gorillas are as common as zebras or kangaroos, but we’re dangerously close to losing these animals forever. For #WorldGorillaDay, I hope you’ll help us save them. #RememberingGreatApes