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iPhone : I had a look at the climate records of our new Cabinet and I learned that the chancellor now in charge of decarbonising Britain also wants to get another 24 billion barrels of oil out of the North Sea. Which sounds odd to me, but I'm not a scientist.


iPhone : Leaving to one side the wisdom or otherwise of digging up Trinity lawn, the main thing I'm noticing is that this seems to be inspiring far more anger than the actual devastation of the biosphere & the #ClimateEmergency
We're a weird species, to put it mildly

iPhone : Alicia Kearns MP For anyone that hasn’t seen it: For Sama on 4oD. It’s incredibly powerful and heartbreaking.
twitter.com/forsamafilm/st… twitter.com/forsamafilm/st…

iPhone : Powerful and heartbreaking. The sense of community amongst the chaos and horror of the Syrian conflict is so inspiring. Sama, your parents are incredible. #forsama #syria #RefugeesWelcome twitter.com/forsamafilm/st…

iPhone : BREAKING: we now have the most flood warnings and alerts in force (594) in England than any other day on record. Stay safe and updated here …od-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings

iPhone : A digital only subscription to the newspaper reporting that the government is planing to abolish the licence fee is, at £312, more than double the annual cost of the licence fee. That's one newspaper for £312-a-year versus *everything* the BBC provides for £154.50.
Get it yet?


it is NOT:

- left
- socialist
- communist
- fascist
- globalist
- green

AGW is just science.

- #climatecrisis #climatebrawl #climatebrawl #climatepoli

iPhone : OK.

I will send ANYONE a copy of Matt's book who feels they might need it.
Just DM me your name and address. That's it.

If anyone wants to help me cover the cost of this, if you're OK to paypal what you can to simonkey68@msn.com, using family and friends.

Thanks. twitter.com/Biggreenbooks/…

iPhone : I mean, we’ve got to find humour to balance the despair right?! 🤣 #AustralianBushfires #climatechange #dontgetusedtoit twitter.com/thejuicemedia/…

iPhone : Now that's a Valentines present! Royal Bank of Scotland announces it will end lending to fossil fuels companies who can't meet Paris targets. Momentum, momentum, momentum. Stopthemoneypipeline.com

iPhone : We need to change diets to tackle the #climate & #nature crises

Schools must reduce the amount of meat served, introducing more healthy plant proteins onto the menu & use the costs saved to trade up to #organic & better quality meat the rest of the week ow.ly/vWvk50ymj3U

iPhone : Soil Association I absolutely agree with this. Having a couple of vegetarian lunches a week is not ‘anti-meat’ or an attack on farmers! I would like my children to not *have* to eat meat every lunchtime, and have better quality meat on fewer days.