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iPhone : Imam of Kaaba prayed for peace in Afghanistan in today's Friday prayers. It is a welcome move and we are thankful. In a worldly context, a phone call to Rawalpindi by the Custodian of the two mosques can practically complement the prayer.

iPhone : There is excitement,happiness & hope & there is confusion,fear & uncertainty.We need 2 acknowledge all these feelings if we want a real start 2 a real process.We need 2 listen 2 women,2 d new generation, 2 families of victims & 2 fighters. Healing comes with inclusion &engagement

iPhone : “They are marching to say this: that the war has turned into a monster with a life of its own, feeding on the poor at the rate of more than 50 a day. The longer it drags on, the more difficult it becomes to reach a settlement.”

iPhone : #AFG reports are circulating in Twitter that G Raziq met with TB leaders during Eid prayers in Kandahar. Just spoke to the good General, he said there were no Taliban praying with him today, only tribals chiefs and KDR leaders as shown below

iPhone : Great to see the threat of a nuclear war, in the world is now replaced with diplomatic relations. Amazing, well done to both leaders for thier courage and forwardness…

iPhone : #AFG he can run into the Parlieamnt or the Arg with his leader, but I promise this, either we bring them to justice or we bring justice upon them. No Tyrant in AFG will go unpunished. President pardoned him due to his tribal connection, both are Ahmadzai clans. #justiceComez…

iPhone : Our cricket team has had outstanding achievements internationally. Now is the time to diversify & nationalize the team. The current team is predominantly Pashtuns. Afghan Cricket Board shall make the team inclusive so it represent not only Pashtuns but people from all over the country.

iPhone : #AFG our young generation of leaders who step up to take charge of the affairs in our homeland is the source of hope and the wind of change. Good luck brother, you will serve/represent Kandahar well…

iPhone : Epitome of courage, integrity w/a moral compass that never failed to distinguish the right from wrong, BILAL SARWARY has what it takes to represent the best interests of the people of Kunar & Afghanistan. His decision to run in the upcoming election makes us hopeful about the future.

iPhone : #Afghan govt’s offer of ceasfire to #Taliban is a mistake for 3 reasons.1- it’s one sides. 2-If any ceasefire, it should be vs #Pakistan military who actually train, arm and sponsor #Taliban. 3-Ceasefire enables #Taliban to mount massive assaults on our major cities. #Afghanistan

iPhone : BILAL SARWARY is a patriot #Afghan educated in the US & has an established track record in telling the story of our people to the world. He’s now running for parliament to represent the people of #Kunar. Good luck brother!

iPhone : Assassination of any PTM leader will lead Pashtuns in Pakistan to follow the footsteps of Baluch separatists. Pro-army Taliban have surrounded residence of PTM leader Ali Wazir in Waziristan #SaveAliwazir

iPhone : Thousands of police havnt been paid - cause donors have put biometric as condition.
“Biometric can’t come to us and we can’t go to biometric, what can we do?” one police says on Massood Sanjer show. “This gov is forcing us to leave our boots and uniform and think of other options”

iPhone : Why do we keep justifying to Taliban that we're Muslims. Do they care? India's secular and TB and their handlers love to inflict damage on it. They cant because India's strong and united. They do that to us because we aren't. We need to get strong and united. Then we can prevail.

iPhone : #AFG NUG invites over 2500 Muslim clerics from across the country, to pass a Fatwa in support of our gov yet D incompetent and un-accountable Secuirty leaders, left them to the mercy of Haqqani butchers only to be blown into pieces. This is shameful

iPhone : This is the video of Pak army's official surrender ceremony to Indian army in 1971. They bow, lay their arms & beg mercy which is provided to them on the spot. NONE of them committed suicide or disobeyed the enemy order.THIS TYPE OF A HUMILIATION DOESN'T EXIST IN AFG HISTORY.…