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iPhone : A senior Chinese source: China prefers Trump to be re-elected because he will destroy US soft & hard power in the world & damage its already fraying relations with allies. The decline of the US will accelerate! So Trump is the true Manchurian Candidate: Make China Great Again!

iPhone : A bully with regrets. . . It’s as if Roy Cohn and Joe McCarthy had a baby and his name is Donald J. Trump: the fever in America is breaking and the demagoguery is ending. A sordid page of our history.…

iPhone : This is not crazy thinking. Tariffs are taxes on goods, paid by consumers and disproportionately by lower income consumers. They push us closer to recession. With no accommodation from China, Trump is likely to aim at Europe and destabilize economies there.…

iPhone : .Anthony Scaramucci: This is an international crisis. You have to create an off-ramp for people that did what I did... Create the off-ramp for people that got this very wrong... #AMJoy

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iPhone : When will Trump supporters finally say, ‘Okay, this is not normal’?
“This is a president who canceled a state visit because the prime minister of Denmark declined to sell part of Danish territory to the US” ⁦Megan McArdle
Anthony Scaramucci⁩…

iPhone : .Anthony Scaramucci: We cant have somebody running the Free World, representing us at the G7, organizing the government, whos acting like this... this is a descent into madness... Its like Trumpnobyl... hes melting down, theyre trying to figure out if they can cover it up... #AMJoy

iPhone : Please watch the entire speech and retweet and share with as many people as possible. HOPE over hate and despair and disunity and impunity. . .

The Greatest Speech Ever Made - [Original] via YouTube