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iPhone : Indeed. Trump is a malignant narcissist and stain on American history unlike any other leader we have ever had. Jefferson was an imperfect man but cared about this amazing country & would be utterly horrified by the deranged, corrupt man desecrating the Presidency for the moment.…

iPhone : The Greenwood Initiative will help triple the wealth of Black families over the next 10 years by:

- Doubling the number of Black-owned businesses
- Helping 1 million additional Black families buy a house
- Investing $70 billion in strengthening communities

iPhone : Jefferson saw self-interest and the mutual dependence of government and commercialism as leading to corruption and the destruction of liberty. He was for virtue political disinterest (rather than self- interest) as appropriate for politics in a republican society a key to liberty

iPhone : Nunes must be removed from intelligence committee & investigated. His chilling lawsuits should be dismissed and sanctions should be imposed on Nunes and his attorney
New Lev Parnas records detail Ukraine surveillance efforts, contact with Devin Nunes aide…

iPhone : The world is full of double-edged swords. How do we know which ones to pick up and which to leave alone? Read David Byrne’s latest essay for Reasons to be Cheerful.…

iPhone : Great talk today from Anthony Scaramucci at #LandExpo2020 He is not a Trump fan any more but says the country needs to unite. After hearing him talk and seeing him interact with common people, I have a lot more respect for him.

iPhone : Raise your hand if you'd love to see Neal Katyal, who's argued more SCOTUS cases than anyone, present the historical and constitutional arguments that obliterate both of these points (laid out quite lucidly in the opening chapters of his book)🙋🏾‍♀️…

iPhone : 📺WATCH how Senate Republicans are shamelessly shirking their constitutional duty to protect Donald J. Trump.

Demand an open, honest trial.

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iPhone : Anthony Scaramucci, who served as Trump’s communications director for just 11 days, recounts the president’s response when he asked him, “Are you an act?”

“I’m a total act and I don’t understand why people don’t get it,” Trump replied, according to Scaramucci.

Anthony Scaramucci…

iPhone : Just spoke with team @scaramucci and he'll unfortunately be unable to join next week's #MarketBrief for @Barronsonline and MarketWatch. However, he'll be on with us very soon. Stay tuned!