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Twitter Media Studio : .Dr. Mike Varshavski walks us through his diet and daily life in his new video. Watch his new video and follow along with his life in NY. ☀️→

Twitter Web App : With supervised learning, we can teach John Green Bot to tell the difference between doughnuts and bagels 🍩

Android : I finally watched Hannah Gadsbys Nanette. Are you waiting for someone to tell you to watch it? Watch it. Experience the /tension/.

Twitter Web App : 10,000 liters of water is needed to grow enough cotton for one pair of denim jeans. So IMAGINE how much was needed for THIS!!!!!

TweetDeck : 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 MinuteEarth just passed 250 million views! An arbitrary milestone, for sure, but it’s encouraging that people have used our videos to learn about science & sustainability MORE THAN A QUARTER BILLION TIMES. Go team! 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

Twitter Web App : Look, I know this video is old news. But Im pretty proud of it. We made a video about the biomechanics of butts. BUTTS! And the comments are tame. If thats not an achievement, I dont know what is.

True Anthem : How to find the best Spotify playlists when you dont want to make your own

Twitter Web App : Im taking a break from the internet and will be resting in the Idaho wilderness. Videos will start again in September. Until then feel free to catch up or re-watch old episodes. I think you’re awesome and I’m grateful you’re affording me this time away.


iPhone : Please enjoy this photo of the Cooler Than Homework hosts all definitely in the exact same place, asking you to check out the podcast & share it with your friends.

Twitter Web App : Do you work in an area that falls under tech, science, health, or materials (or similar)?

Could you imagine something from your discipline enabling a new capability for a space telescope, rover, rocket or astronaut in 10-40 years time?

Apply to NIAC:…

Sprout Social : Migrant Mother has captured the hearts of Americans since Dorthea Lange took the photo in 1936. But who is the woman in front of the camera? On #WorldPhotographyDay, lets take an in-depth look at one of Americas most iconic images with @ArtAssignment.

Twitter Web App : Your regularly scheduled Microcosmos Monday is going to be a Microcosmos Tuesday this week!

Well see you first thing in the morning with a new episode!

For now, be sure to check out last weeks video if you havent seen it already!

Twitter Web App : The debate about whether Coelophysis ate its own kind involves evidence that includes some very strange fossils.

Buffer : “It’s not even a drug, it’s a trace element that is mined and has literally been around as long as dirt. It’s not like they spent a lot of R&D money to invent it.

IFTTT : We had a great prototyping win and one fail. Tim had an amazing idea for an adjustable spool holder 🧵 . It printed perfectly. Then we broke our motor mount with a mallet 🔨 . Nothing washers can’t find though 😬🤞🛠🔩⚙️
#engineering #prototype #ma…

iPhone : If our eyes 👀 could see high-energy ⚡ radiation called gamma rays, the Moon 🌑 would appear brighter than the Sun☀️! 😱 More:

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Sprinklr : A brand-new Hubble observation is teaching us more about Jupiter’s Great Red Spot ... watch this video to see how:

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Android : I never thought about this fact. As alsways a pleasure to hear from you! Do you know the book The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa? I liked the book very much and alsways associate it with prime numbers... 😊😋😎…

Android : John Harwood Duke 88 grad w/ MA earning $41K/year teaching in FL. Caring for parent, paying for college for kid. COL in FL higher than most incomes. Health insurance premiums out of control... Need the govt to make plans for future instead of rehashing the past! Its the economy,stupid

Android : My boyfriend has made the worst video in the world

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iPhone : If my future child don’t ride for me like this lmaoooooooooooo

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Twitter Web App : Getting busy on Grindr? You might want to think about the little pill that could protect you from HIV infection | Bhekisisa

Zoho Social : I feel like I should say something important- or apologize for being late to the party. #myfirsttweet😟