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iPhone : Obviously the NYT reporter soliciting money from Epstein is the biggest take away here but ABC News producing a major story w/his victims then killing the piece is just as egregious. The stories reporters know and don't tell is the best way to measure bias…

iPhone : Was going to tweet more but maybe I’ll just do a video on things the far right is wrong about. Of course I’ll still get shit for the things I’ll grant them in the video even though I’ll be doing more to sway people from that scene than any of the shrieking scolds.

iPhone : Another factor that makes America different than Brazil is that it’s population is distributed through the country differently. Brazilians are largely concentrated in and around 3 cities that are very close to eachother, fewer big enclaves. Again, demographics are not destiny.

iPhone : Brazil’s politics aren’t very racialized either and the country isn’t going to balkanize. Based on demographics I’d be inclined to say America will be politically more like Brazil than say the Balkans or South Africa, but tbh America could mess it up given how big IDPol is there.

iPhone : A lot of the far-right’s predictions about America are called into question by looking at South America. America’s demographics are already quite similar to Brazil’s (same in 1 gen) but America is a way better country (clearly demographics aren’t the key factor in economics etc)

iPhone : Some political movements would have been smart to focus intensely on maintaining the Canada of not too long ago. They basically had exactly what they needed in a case study and then let it slip away while they harped on and on about other countries much further from their ideals.

iPhone : The straight edgers won’t like this but I think some people need to get totally plastered a few times in order to start reducing their intake. Having 3-6 beers is fun and easy to do regularily, overload your system a couple times and you’ll start to see alcohol for what it is.

iPhone : Haven’t been drunk in a month and a half and haven’t gotten hammered in over 3. I will want to get drunk more times in the future but less frequently than I used to, and tbh I never want to get hammered again.

iPhone : There’s this old (but not super old) lady in my hometown I’ve run into in 2 different situations. Both were fairly brief interactions and both times she mentions her grandson making 32CAD an hour. The bragging about money coupled with it not being that much money is so classless.

iPhone : Millennial/zoomer pet attitudes are creepy, it’s like we’re filling the void of real human connection in our lives with animals that we pretend care about us but usually don’t. Some animals are kinda cute, and don’t be mean to them etc, but this obsession is worrying.

iPhone : Confession: I don’t really like most dogs and cats. When I’m at a house with one I usually just want it to stop bugging me. A bunch of older people are like this but I feel very alienated from millennial/GenZ culture because of it.

iPhone : Thought: what if the ratings-grabbing trash that is cable news and clickbait is the only way to sustain a big company that can afford to fund difficult/dangerous journalism? Stephen Michael Davis talks about this…

iPhone : R Smith There are a million ways for a young woman to seperate a man from his money without doing anything sexual. Ever heard what sugar daddies pay for hour long coffee dates?

iPhone : They can’t get *young* women (in this case girls), contrary to what is suggested online money doesn’t make teenage girls attracted to aging blobs…

iPhone : Writers create worlds they wish they lived in, filled with people they wish they knew, senses of humour they get, and ideal romantic partners that fall into your lap. Many are too immature to realize what they’re doing but it’s harmful to young people.

iPhone : For a long time these kinds of movies were among my favourites and they altered my understanding of social realms in unproductive ways. Do they give hope to some kids? Sure but it’s probably foolish hope. I would steer kids away from this stuff and towards irl socialization.