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iPhone : 'What gives colonisers the moral authority to mandate the solutions, when the colonisation they benefit from is a root cause of the problem?' Ahead of tomorrow's #climatestrike, Philip Winzer issues a call for a Blak New Deal to fight the climate crisis.…

iPhone : watching this roll across the timezones like a wave of defiance is making me feel like i live on a planet, rather than a fragmented jigsaw of angry nationalisms.…

iPhone : Peace Boat joins the youth-led #ClimateStrike in Tokyo as 100,000s of people around the world take to the streets for #ClimateAction with #FridaysForFuture!

iPhone : spent our whole lives being told we couldnt change shit and its coming as a pleasant shock to realise we can, and we are. #schoolstrike4climate

iPhone : Oh my god how broken do you have to be to put together this amateur slide show with a slow motion at the end of a Greens MP holding a water bottle.…

iPhone : I really just want all the non-Aboriginal people doing the #climateStrike to know that our old people have been striking, marching, singing, dancing and dying for a healthy clean planet and good future for a long long time before this, so don’t forget about marching for us too♥️

iPhone : the front of the melbourne #schoolstrike4climate march did its entire lap and returned before the back of the march had even left the park, so we appear to have a self-sustaining loop