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Sprinklr : #ManhattanBeach by #JenniferEgan "fully brings to life Brooklyn’s wartime docklands, the subtle machinations between powerful gangsters & the state, & the drifting world of merchant mariners" via Literary Hub Jennifer Egan…

Sprinklr : "This vivid and mesmerizing novel about a former stripper and single mom drawn into the Californian penal system on two consecutive life sentences has all the warmth and intensity of a future classic.” #TheMarsRoom #RachelKushner The Boston Globe…

Sprinklr : "Through a striking combination of color drawings, historical photographs and text, Nora Krug probes moral questions and complex concepts, such as collective guilt, through the prism of her family." #Belonging Journal Sentinel…

Sprinklr : #RachelKushner’s "propulsive writing evokes the horrors of the realities & injustices of the American carceral system while also reminding us of the utter humanity of those trapped inside it" Lucas said of her best of the year pick #TheMarsRoom TODAY

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Sprinklr : In #Heavy, Kiese "asks himself, his mother, his nation, and us to confront the terrifying possibility that few in this nation actually know how to responsibly love, and even fewer want to live under the weight of actually becoming free." Entropy

Sprinklr : "The way the type is incorporated with the beautiful art is so elegant...And that artwork speaks so clearly to the author seeking out his identity through these essays." #UpUpDownDown #ChestonKnapp Literary Hub

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Sprinklr : "I am a sucker for a cover that makes me laugh out loud. The triumphant/defiant(?) rubber glove holding a smoke is so perfect." #PretendImDead #JenBeagin Literary Hub