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Bio Its me, Sealguy! I like to draw fetishy stuff, come on in and stay awhile
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Twitter Web App : I want to draw more of my goth nerd, but I have no idea what to do with him. Pls give suggestions, you can send them on curiouscat if you want

Twitter Web App : Im art blocked so hard right now my dudes, please accept these unfinished sketches in the meantime🙇‍♂️

Curious Cat : Finally made a curiouscat, feel free to ask me questions and stuff!…

Twitter Web App : Combos & Doodles What the fuck, I was in that thread. I have this picture saved in my Link folder. W h a t

Also congrats on 10k!

Twitter Web App : I drew alolan Calem for Sun and Moon, so now get ready for dynamaxd galarian Calem!

Twitter Web App : I really wanted to draw something for Halloween, but I've been so busy that I'm not sure I'll have time 😔

Twitter Web App : lol That'd be totally fine! I'm usually okay with that sort of thing