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TweetDeck : I dont know what local store TOOK this, SAM GOES TO MARKET’ Sign, PHOTO, but I really want to OFFER AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OF IT AS A REWARD on my Environmental (Vegetable & Po-Tay-Toe friendly) Campaign!!!!

Will the Photographer & Store DM me, to make sure y’all don’t mind...

Twitter Web Client : There are several fun REWARDS at
{Autograph Pictures, Posters, Baseballs, Funko}
The price is a lot steeper than the podcast fundraiser, but that's just because the #environment reaches a broader audience :-)))…

TweetDeck : I’ve been in contact with the Global CCS Institute. They have been accessible and eager to respond to my questions, thus confirming my instinct about folks in the energy business, especially the scientists…they are able to see "the big picture" and respond to new ideas with curiosity!!!…


Our Urban Canopy Project Project had incredible success with our LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION.
We are thrilled with the final pic.

WEB DESIGN is expensive & takes a lot of time. If you want to help this effort, we’d be grateful
4 all submissions!!!…

Twitter Web Client : I let our awesome new twitter handle Urban Canopy Project announce this fundraising milestone. But, U & I both know, we did it together. I begged, U dug into Ur pockets. Together, we'e going 2 have fun with this eco-experiment. We still need $5 from 99,600 people:…

Twitter Web Client : I want to thank all of my twitter peeps who answered my call to FOLLOW my new account: Urban Canopy Project

This environmental project I've begun has already changed my outlook on the world. There are GOOD PEOPLE doing GREAT THINGS in our world.



We scored big with the LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION. I learned a lot hosting it and we need a perfect web site, that I don’t know how to create. Also, of course, the project would be thrilled to have a design donated.

So, Follow Urban Canopy Project & enter!!!…

Twitter Web Client : Congratulations to the Urban Canopy Project Urban Canopy Project for earning over 400 followers in the first 2 hours of launching your account here on twitter.
*HINT it's just me...but totally focused on my Climate experiment. PLEASE GO FOLLOW ME THERE NOW... I WANT 1,000 Followers :-)))…

Twitter Web Client : Gofundme ✔️
$13,000+ Raised ✔️
URL (points 2 gofundme)✔️
We Do Not Have: A WEBSITE
60+ artists sent in designs 4 our LOGO competition in 24 hours, DONATING THEIR TIME, TALENT & THE PRODUCT 2the PROJECT.
Donate $5 & comment if u want 2 submit-

Twitter Web Client : FOUNDERS LOG-Been 9 days since I impulsively created a gofundme with an eye towards saving civilization. She's still here, so I must be doing something right. At Zero-Two-Thirty (or whatever, didn't look at my phone), New Logo was introduced. 15 minutes ago👇TWITTER Urban Canopy Project…

TweetDeck : To All of My Twitter Followers
(even the ones sleeping, scrolling past or otherwise ignoring this),l my Urban Canopy Project just reached a new milestone…


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