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Bio Equal sweat deserves equal pay, PERIOD. We’re working to close the gender gap in the music industry - enter our #CastingCallContest with @womeninmusicorg 👇
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Sprinklr : Natalie Kost We apologize for any confusi9on, Natalie! We do fill our sticks by weight, not volume, to ensure you receive the exact amount (or more!) that we advertise on the label. We do leave a bit of empty space so the deodorant doesn't spill out.

Twitter Web App : We applaud @jennifernettles for bringing attention to the lack of female representation within music at the #CMAawards. We’re committed to exclusively featuring female artists in our campaigns and hosting a #CastingCallContest to help 250 #WomenInMusic!➡️

Sprinklr : Kandice Zayas We're sorry for any confusion, Kandice! We do fill our sticks by weight, not volume, to make sure you get as much (or more!) than we list on the package, but we do leave a little room for the product to settle while it's on the production line. Could you DM us?

Twitter Web App : We hope to see more women nominated and winning #PCAs in the future! We’re partnering with Women In Music to help 250 aspiring female artists, producers and more get their big break - head to Instagram and learn how to enter our #CastingCallContest ➡️

Twitter Web App : “Women stole the show in 2019 [and] strength comes in all sizes” - Alex Morgan. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Here’s to the amazing women dominating across all fields. #PCAs #AllStrengthNoSweat

Twitter Web App : Loved seeing the always-inspiring Alex Morgan present the People’s Champion Award to @pink! There is nothing better than strong women supporting each other. 💪 #PCAs #AllStrengthNoSweat

Twitter Web App : There are many things women in music have to sweat, but Secret believes equal opportunity should never be one of them. We’re committed to exclusively featuring female singers & songwriters in our campaigns, and we’re hosting a #CastingCallContest! ➡️

Twitter Web App : Congrats to all the female nominees at the #PCAs tonight! #DYK: Women in music make up only 17% of artists, 12% percent of songwriters and 2% percent of producers? Here’s to a night of celebrating women making it in the music industry!

Sprinklr : Tan Le Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us! We can't make any promises, but we'd be happy to pass your feedback along to the rest of our team 💙

Sprinklr : Sarah We always want you to have an awesome experience when using our products, Sarah, so we're sorry to hear about this! We want to learn more and see how we can help, so please send us a DM when you have a moment.

Sprinklr : Tiffany Brewer Your safety is our top priority, Tiffany, so we're sorry to hear about this! We hope you're feeling better now, and we'd like to learn more and see what we can do to help. Please send us a DM when you have a minute!

iPhone : Budweiser) 's Twitter Profile">Budweiser NWSL) 's Twitter Profile">NWSL Hey @BudweiserUSA, we love that the King of Beers is also a supporter of the NWSL) 's Twitter Profile">NWSL! These women deserve it ALL! Now, let's make you the QUEEN of Beers!!!

iPhone : In a show of support for the Burlington High School Seahorses and their courage to fight for equal pay, Secret Deodorant plans to match the sale of 500 #EqualPay jerseys, and add 20% on top! #AllStrengthNoSweat…