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Twitter Web App : It’s outrageous that President Trump’s admin deliberately defied Congress to stall aid for our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

Families are paying the price for this delay.

The administration must release these funds we fought so hard to secure for the people of Puerto Rico.…

Twitter Web App : 200 days ago, the House passed the Violence Against Women Act #VAWA.

Why is Senator McConnell refusing to give it a vote?

That’s why I stood on Long Island last week with advocates, law enforcement, & survivors to tell @SenateMajLdr McConnell:

Put the bill on the floor NOW.

iPhone : The FDA must investigate the new report detailing the presence of toxic metals in a wide variety of baby foods.

We need new regulations to force the industry to address exposures and alleviate concerns for the health of our youngest Americans.…

iPhone : Senator McConnell:

Put the bipartisan resolution to rebuke Pres. Trump’s actions in Syria on the Senate floor.

An identical resolution passed the House 354-60.

It’s the best way pressure Trump to seriously address the threats his actions in Syria unleashed & keep America safe.

iPhone : President Trump even sending Pence to meet Erdogan was giving in to Erdogan's demands.

When they met, Pence just gave up and agreed to Erdogan's demands.

Now the "ceasefire" isn't even holding, the Syrian Kurds are paying the price, and our national security is at risk.…

iPhone : Trump ceasefire = surrender to Erdogan.

Erdogan gets to stay in Syria. President Trump has no plan for the enduring defeat of ISIS.

The U.S., our national security, and the Syrian Kurds lose.

iPhone : The best way to pressure Pres. Trump to seriously address the threats his actions in Syria unleashed & keep our country safe is for Sen. McConnell to put the bipartisan resolution—that passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support—on the Senate floor for a vote next week.

iPhone : President Trump has demonstrated an uncanny ability to repeatedly get ignored or rolled by despots like Erdogan and Putin without getting anything in return.

Twitter Web App : President Trump’s weak and feckless leadership is putting our national security at risk.

After another week of President Trump-created chaos in Northern Syria, the president still has no discernible plan to secure the enduring defeat of ISIS.

Twitter Media Studio : The House passed a resolution to rebuke President Trump’s actions in Syria 354-60.

So why did Senator Rand Paul block an identical resolution in the Senate?

The lives of the Syrian Kurds and our national security are at stake!

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Twitter Web App : I’m thinking of all the young women who look up to Christina H Koch and Jessica Meir as their heroes, and who will get to grow up in a world (and a universe!) where anything is possible. #AllWomanSpacewalk…

iPhone : I was thrilled to stand with Cono D’Alto’s family, friends, neighbors as we dedicated Cono D’Alto Way in Brooklyn.

The memory of the “Italian Mayor of Williamsburg, who owned the Mamma Maria Salumeria deli, will live on for everyone on Cono D’Alto Way and across New York.

Twitter Media Studio : President Trump has failed to offer any proposal to address climate change

In almost every case, his policies and executive actions have made the dangers of the climate crisis worse

And Senate Republicans demonstrated today that they are willing to bury their heads in the sand

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Twitter Media Studio : Yesterday, the United States Military carried air strikes to destroy what only a few ago had been the headquarters of the American campaign to destroy ISIS in Syria.

Nothing more encapsulates the failure of President Trump’s decision to stand aside for Erdogan.

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iPhone : It is maddening that at a time when our military and their families need our continued support as much as ever, Republicans have paved the way for Donald J. Trump to raid & divert funding for military projects across the country to pay for his ineffective, expensive border wall.