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Twitter Web App : Soaring drug prices touch everyone’s wallets, from millennials to middle-aged parents to seniors. America’s patients and taxpayers can’t afford for this broken prescription drug system to continue. We must pass the #LowerDrugCosts Now Act into law!

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iPhone : The September jobs report showed the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, dropping to 3.5% from last month. Proud to see our nation’s economy is continuing to thrive!

iPhone : Just days after its military parade, the Chinese Communist Party is further revealing itself to the world in Hong Kong

But Donald J. Trump promised he would stay quiet

@SenateMajLdr McConnell: We must vote on the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act…

Twitter Web App : The New England District recommendation to replace the Sagamore & Bourne Bridges is good news for the Cape & Islands. Updating our infrastructure will help grow our economy & enhance public safety. I’m committed to seeing this important project move forward.…

Twitter Web App : The Supreme Court shouldn’t reverse its earlier decision. It must strike down Louisiana’s law, just as it did with the identical Texas law. Any other action will be a stark break in how the court follows precedent and cast major doubt on how it views a woman’s right to choose.

Twitter Web App : .Bernie Sanders has long been an advocate for systemic change, w/ bold proposals like imposing a wealth tax on billionaires.

These are the types of policies we need to overhaul the corrupt system that got Trump elected.

My interview from the archives:

Twitter Web App : This is simple.

It’s not about the whistleblower or the complaint.

It’s not about Democrats. Or me.

It’s about a damning call in which the President pressured a foreign power to investigate a political rival, harming national security.

It’s about our democracy.

iPhone : The more we learn, the more flabbergasted we are. Can you believe Pompeo was on the call w/ Trump when he was shaking down Ukraines pres & attempting to find dirt on Biden? Was Pompeo also involved in hiding transcripts on a classified server? Impeachment will uncover the truth.

Android : Text messages, summarized transcript & public statements by Donald J. Trump show President Trump solicited Ukraine to target Biden (abuse of power). Trump blocked aid & promised meeting to pressure Ukraine (worse abuse of power). Enough evidence right now to draft Articles of Impeachment…

iPhone : My mother was a breast cancer researcher who had two goals in life: to raise her two daughters, and to end breast cancer. Thats how I know the importance of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth.

Remember that early detection can save lives: get a screening and spread the word.

Twitter Web App : The ACA has saved lives, but Trump & Republicans are fighting to gut & dismantle this proven law. The catch… they don’t have a plan that would improve Americans’ health & protect people with pre-existing conditions.…

Sprout Social : Fearless activist Ady Barkan🔥🌹 wanted us to pass along the message that his surgery went well and he’s looking forward to recovering and fighting harder than ever to make sure health care is a human right, not a privilege. Let him know you are with him!…

iPhone : If the Supreme Court upholds Louisiana’s restrictive anti-abortion law, our right to safe, legal abortion in could be in serious jeopardy.

I want you to hear this straight from me: We WILL fight back and we WILL safeguard our rights.

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Twitter Media Studio : This campaign is an adventure—and I couldnt do it without Bruce by my side.

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Twitter Web App : One reason why we’re fighting to flip the Senate in 2020: Protecting reproductive rights.…

Twitter Web App : IT’S TUESDAY!! Meaning the day I put up my new AL FRANKEN PODCAST. This week with @CHRISROCK!!! But for reasons TOO BORING TO EXPLAIN the podcast FROM NOW ON goes up THREE DAYS EARLIER! So, CHRIS ROCK IS UP NOW!!!!…

iPhone : If the President wants to talk about health care, he should stop trying to roll back protections for people with pre-existing conditions instead of rolling out completely unnecessary rules that do nothing but hurt people.

iPhone : Watched @novaPBS on climate change amping up wildfires, funded by “David H. Koch Fund for Science.”

Meanwhile, back in the Senate, it’s nonstop fighting Koch-funded climate science denial and obstruction. Weird.…

TweetDeck : Thanks to all who’ve put work into making today the first annual Veterans Suicide Prevention Day in MN.

You inspire me to keep doing my part in the Senate to ensure that veterans are getting the proper access to the care they need.

SocialFlow : Energy Secretary Rick Perry urged Ukraines president to root out corruption and pushed the new government for changes at its state-run oil and gas company

Twitter Web App : The Sagamore and Bourne Bridges are vital parts of the Cape’s economy and way of life. We can’t allow them to remain in disrepair. I look forward to working with my colleagues to obtain all of the funding needed for this essential project.…

Twitter Web App : This quote from Biden to Sen. Coons is surprising. He couldnt believe that Trump would do something that Trumps lawyers was yelling about on Fox five months ago?…

iPhone : Trump’s use of our diplomats to advance his political hit jobs is a gross abuse of public trust and taxpayer dollars. It undermines our national security and corrupts our critical relationships around the world.…

iPhone : Felt lots of energy yesterday at the Wild & Scenic Films festival in Bend for Oregon rivers to be added to the Wild-and-Scenic rivers list. If you’d like to nominate your favorite Oregon rivers for consideration, here’s how:…

Twitter Media Studio : The Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program is training the next generation of farmers to lead our proud dairy industry into the future.

I’m working to boost these apprenticeship programs so we can train people for a long-term career, rather than just a job.

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iPhone : Thank you for coming, Tammy Duckworth. #OhioWomensSummit

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iPhone : Replacing these medals is a small gesture compared to the service of Governor Torres, Mr. Lujan, and so many other veterans in New Mexico and across our nation. But it is an honor nonetheless.

TweetDeck : Also in this piece:

Pervasive divide between career officials disturbed by what they perceived as a dangerous decoupling of US foreign policy from core national interests, and political appointees complicit in Trump’s use of US influence to advance his electoral interests.…

Twitter Web App : Thank you, Governor. This is the right move and an important step to protect the health of young Oregonians. Great to get these youth nicotine addiction machines off the market.…

iPhone : Great reporting: Nearly two dozen officials told TIME that in recent days Pompeo has become increasingly loud and bullying, and appears frequently distracted and impatient during State Department policy meetings.…

Twitter Web App : George Washington, 1796: ...foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.

Donald J. Trump, 2019: [Ukraine] should investigate the Bidens...China likewise should start an investigation.

To my Republican colleagues: What will it take?

Twitter Web App : Glad to see this important federal funding go to YWCA New Hampshire, which will bolster its mission of supporting domestic and sexual violence survivors. Securing federal funds for programs that help survivors will continue to be a top priority for me in the Senate.…

iPhone : Everyone should be empowered to succeed at work and at home, I’ll keep fighting to make paid leave a right for workers across the country.

I know that the policies we set in Congressional workspaces matter—and I hope my 16-week policy serves as an…

TweetDeck : Yesterday, after President Garimellas Installation and Investiture, I had the privilege of meeting and talking briefly with Sen. Patrick Leahy, the longest serving Democrat in the current Congress and someone I believe represents the very best of America. (1/2) #Vermont #vermontlife

Twitter Web App : Ads so untrue that TV channels won’t even air them. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to get what facts are (or why they’re important).…

iPhone : Soaring drug prices touch everyone’s wallets, from millennials to middle-aged parents to seniors. America’s patients and taxpayers can’t afford for this broken prescription drug system to continue. We must pass the #LowerDrugCosts Now Act into law!

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iPhone : This man is about to compete in whats considered to be the worlds most difficult race. If he successfully completes 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running at Hawaiis Ironman race, hell be the first above-the-knee double amputee to ever do it

Twitter Web App : I will continue to work toward providing additional funds for the Census Bureau so that we can achieve a complete count in the #2020Census nationwide.

iPhone : Yesterday in Florida, President Trump claimed he would protect Medicare, but his plan to change the poverty threshold would cause over 250,000 low-income seniors to lose critical parts of their Medicare assistance

iPhone : Almost a year after the tragic limousine crash in Schoharie County, NY, NTSB has confirmed what we already knew—stretch limousines are dangerously under-regulated. That’s why Im working to close the problematic loopholes that allow stretch limos to forgo safety standards.…

Twitter Web App : Veterans deserve world-class care – but a recent report found that Veterans Affairs is hiring health care providers with histories of misconduct.

I led a bipartisan group of Senators urging the VA to take swift action to better protect veterans.…

TweetDeck : The Pacific Northwest is not going to stand by while the Trump administration builds a gold mine in Bristol Bay. The mine is a direct threat to Bristol Bay salmon and thousands of jobs in the Pacific Northwest. #SaveBristolBay

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TweetDeck : The Senate stands adjourned. It will meet for pro forma sessions on 9/27, 10/1, 10/4, 10/8, and 10/11. It will next convene for business at 3PM on Tuesday, October 15.

iPhone : Bong Crosby I wasn’t saying this should not be « allowed, » but as a whisky drinker it struck me as doing shots, not as enjoying the drink. Which is fine, just not for me in my dotage.

Sprout Social : Nearly 500 million --yes, million --acres of public lands have been offered up to oil and gas in last 3 yrs. Companies must publicly disavow these rollbacks and adopt no-go policies. Sign this petition: #protectpubliclands

iPhone : New: Warren surging in CA as prospects for Harris in her home state have taken a hit. “I was actually a Kamala fan,” said one undecided. “Just something in the last two or three months, I’m just kind of dropping off [on her]. I think she’s not quite ready”…

Twitter Web App : The United States doesn’t even offer guaranteed healthcare for *its own citizens,* yet wants to demand it from people of other national origins.

Hypocrisy, xenophobia, and barbarism all in one policy.…

TweetDeck : It’s astounding that he would believe that these appeals do not transgress his oath of office. It would be even more shocking — and more damaging to our political system — if congressional Republicans agreed with him.…

Twitter Web App : Neil Irwin Neil it has always been the case that your tastes, while similar, are much more refined

I once asked you for suit recommendations and you replied “I have hoped this moment would come for years”

Twitter Web App : I urged the Administration to protect Michiganders from health insurance plans that discriminate against people with pre-existing health conditions.…

Twitter Media Studio : #ManchinMobileMonday is coming up! Come by any of these locations for hands-on help from my staff with federal or state issues - no appointment necessary!

Hootsuite Inc. : Here is how to beat Donald Trump and his racist dog-whistle politics…

SocialOomph : Three Hours Before Blasting Trumps Ukraine Call, Tucker Carlson Called It A Made Up Story

iPhone : The Montana Grizzlies went on the road last week and let everyone know who’s boss. I know they’ll do it again at home today with the help of their great alumni – happy homecoming everybody! Good luck and #GoGriz!

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Twitter Web App : We hope that, with these guidelines to our federal policy, we will help every #student of color attain success and fulfill the promise of the American dream.…

TweetDeck : Having official measurements is cool, but I maintain that collecting measurements *without shoes* for basketball players is pretty pointless unless someone is starting a beach basketball league…

Hootsuite Inc. : “This is a pretty unfortunately widespread issue of schools not taking the steps they are supposed to under the law,” Ms. Patel said.

CoSchedule : Thank you Rep. Chris Pappas for meeting with our amazing Moms to hear their stories and explain why you are co-sponsor of the FAMILY Act. #NH families need policies that work for them - thank you!

iPhone : According to the CDC, 1 in 4 women have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime. Its time for the Senate to prioritize reauthorizing #VAWA now. #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth #StandWithSurvivors

Android : The Treasury IG will look into the first ever known refusal to comply with a tax return request…

Twitter Web App : Its always a good day to be reminded that I got where I am because a great education was available for $50 a semester at the University of Houston (go Cougars!). We need to cancel student debt and make college free for everyone who wants it.

Twitter Web App : This is a fix for a prob. that the WH caused, & it comes too late for rural communities that have been hurt. The real solution is to stop the President from giving exemptions to his friends in big oil &cease issuing further improper refinery exemptions.-AK…

Sprout Social : Jamelia Fairley has worked at McDonalds for 4 years. She asked how Beto ORourke would rewrite the rules to make sure that all working people have the opportunity to join unions across industries and regions to improve working conditions. #UnionsForAll @FightFor15

iPhone : Scoop: Size of National Security Council will be reduced substantially, at Trump’s request, as White House confronts impeachment inquiry touched off by whistleblower complaint related to NSC’s work.

NSC reductions will be mostly through attrition.

Story soon by me & Justin Sink

Twitter Web App : It is critical that we take the threat of online disinformation campaigns, including deepfake videos, and its implications on our election systems very seriously. The integrity of our Democracy is at stake.…

Twitter Web App : The Hill black time is different than regular time. its about an hour behind..maybe more.

iPhone : BREAKING: Kamala Harris and I just requested that the inspector general investigate whether the White House pressured the EPA to abuse its law enforcement authority to single out California and the city of San Francisco.

iPhone : Think about if you went through a trial, but you werent allowed to call any witnesses. Thats what Speaker Pelosi is doing to President Trump right now.

This entire process is a sham.

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Twitter for iPad : Glenn Beck Should your chalkboard timeline and delivery not remind me of a SS lesson? 😏😂😁 Funny how the present is just a repeat of the cycles of civilization.

Retired Audio Engineer Owner of D.A.S.CO Dr. Audio Sound Co. Doing business for over 30+ Years.

iPhone : Retweet this everywhere. It would be a real shame if every Republican in America had to suffer through hearing the truth for 60 seconds...

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Wife and mother. Retired lawyer. Moss gatherer. North Georgia Mountain dweller. A blue dot in a sea of red.

Twitter Web App : Wm. Brady NPR Actually I was wrong , they don’t get 30 days they have to have it when they apply. Did you go to Europe fleeing for your life or was it strictly voluntary?What about your ancestors? Don’t think the famine Irish or the Italian /Jewish wave of immigrants came w health insurance