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iPhone : Thank you to League of Women Voters Aurora for hosting the “You Count: Census 2020” event today. Illinois stands to lose $1,800 per year, for each person who goes uncounted. We must use all the resources necessary to make sure that every person is counted.

Twitter Web App : We must do everything we can to protect Lake Michigan and our shorelines. This is why I have repeatedly called on the current administration to fund the Great Lakes Resiliency Study which will provide increased funding to reevaluate and expand the Chicago shoreline project.

Twitter Web App : Recent storms and rising water levels have caused erosion along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Today I toured damage on the South Side and received an update from the USACE HQ on efforts to protect the lakefront.

Twitter Web App : Former #4profit IL Institute of Art students who attended on or after January 20, 2018, are now eligible for closed school discharge.…

Twitter Web App : After hearing from first responders in rural Illinois, I intro'd the SIREN Act to support rural fire & EMS agencies. That bill is now law & ready to start bringing millions in grant funds to rural communities. I highly encourage agencies in IL to apply.…

Twitter Web App : Retire the Iowa Caucuses Buggy to a museum but spare me Trump tweets ridiculing the technology meltdown in Des Moines. This President forcibly separated thousands of families at the border without the technology to track & reunite them, inflicting lasting trauma on innocent kids.

Twitter Web App : Glad to meet with interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó yesterday as he courageously works to restore democracy and reverse the country’s humanitarian crisis. Why do Cuba, Russia, & Turkey continue to undermine his efforts, further fostering repression and suffering?

Twitter Web App : As a student from East St. Louis, my first internship was for Sen. Paul Douglas. I learned firsthand what an exciting and valuable experience interning in the Senate can be. Great to meet with the impressive group of young men and women interning in D.C. this spring.

Twitter Web App : Over the past three years, there has been a troubling pattern of reduced enforcement actions, fewer inspections, & staff turnover in Region 5. We hope that Admin Thiede will take our concerns seriously to ensure the health & safety of our constituents will not be compromised.

Twitter Web App : As Kurt Thiede takes on his new role as U.S. EPA Region 5 Administrator, my colleagues from Great Lakes states and I are asking him to prioritize protecting public health and safety & to ensure that the hard-working EPA employees under his leadership have his full support.

Twitter Web App : “The events of the past year, while deeply disturbing, show that even though our institutions and our fellow citizens are being challenged in ways that few of us ever expected, we will endure, we will persist and we will prevail.”

Well said, Ambassador Yovanovitch.…

Twitter Web App : Families are hurting, and Pres. Trump is boasting about cutting SNAP benefits. This story is a heartwarming reminder of the kindness that resides in so many Americans, but our children should not have to fix our failures & feed their hungry friends.…

Twitter Web App : Congratulations De’Andre, a future Hoya. It was an honor to have you join me for the State of the Union this week. You have a bright future ahead of you, at Georgetown and beyond. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you will accomplish.…

Twitter Web App : The Rock Island Arsenal plays an essential role in supplying our nation’s armed forces. I strongly support the Army turning RIA into “the hub” of additive manufacturing capability, & I applaud their commitment to fill the Arsenal’s warehouse to capacity.…

Twitter Web App : The CDC is closely watching for cases across the country & responding quickly when identified. I will remain in close contact with the CDC as they work with our local and state health agencies to protect the public health.