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iPhone : Alhumdullillah, the 2nd Edition of ‘IRIS’ portal ‘Maloomat’ معلومات has been launched. The information contained is indicative. The purpose is to disseminate the data already available with FBR. Do see / visit the portal for accuracy of return to be filed by September 30,2019.

iPhone : Over 60,000 notices to non-registered / non compliant persons are being jointly sent by FBR and FESCO to industrial and commercial consumers in Faisalabad. Strict actions will be taken against delinquents. Such actions will be replicated around the country.

iPhone : I am pleased to inform that FBR has completely changed the valuation system at Custom Stage (CGO 19 of 2019 has been issued). Now we are in line with international best practices for appraisement. A paradigm change and positive effect for industry and trade will arise.

iPhone : As Chairman FBR I appreciate the editorial of Daily News ‘Dodging Tax’ which relates to pharmaceutical companies and doctors. The appreciable part of Editorial is public recognition that society at large is taking notice of such matters.This is a step for ultimate correction

iPhone : Alhumdullilah, ‘Mobile App’ for return filing for salaried persons is completely operational. I congratulate all Pakistanis for this landmark event. Use this simple hassle free digitalised system and make Pakistan stronger by paying due taxes.

iPhone : FBR has updated Tax Asaan app for income tax return filing (salaried persons). This will greatly assist you in filing your returns free from any trouble. Encourage you all to submit your returns in time.

This will take a few minutes to file your returns.

iPhone : Alhumdullilah,FBR will tomorrow launch a ‘Mobile App’ for filing return of income for salaried persons. Now return of income for such persons, including payment of tax, can be made using smart phones. This is a step towards complete digitalisation of processes in taxation system.

iPhone : FBR IRIS portal ‘Maloomat’ is being regularly updated. All persons filing the return for 2019 are suggested to seek assistance. The information is indicative and represents the data interalia available at FBR. A revised Edition will be available from September 15,2019.

iPhone : Customers are strongly suggested to seek invoice having sales tax registration number whilst purchasing goods, except goods falling under Third Schedule where the same is printed on products. Assist FBR is improving tax culture.

iPhone : Discussion between small traders and FBR are moving ahead. Pakistan is passing through a transition in taxation matters where simplicity and expansion of tax base is the objective. Everybody has to contribute the due share in taxes for prosperous Pakistan.

iPhone : Government of Pakistan is raising the abuse of ‘iqama’ issue related to UAE Tax Residential status at appropriate bilateral forums. This aspect be appropriately taken into account whilst accounting for CFC matter in 2019 returns.

iPhone : Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) matter is applicable for tax returns due on September 30, 2019. This matter be taken into account in the returns now being filed specially those being companies owned in UAE and other Tax heaven countries. Non- disclosure has severe consequences.

iPhone : FBR teams today visited Dolman Centre, Karachi, Emporium Mall Lahore, Centaurus Mall, Islamabad as a part of tax expansion and anti smuggling drive. On behalf of FBR I thank for courtesy and cooperation. Let us develop ‘tax culture’ in the country. Drive will continue and expand

iPhone : FBR is going to substantially modify it valuation model for determination of custom duty and other taxes levied at import stage. Old CGO’s on this subject will be revised. For example weight basis in auto parts etc. Changes in consultation and facilitation of industry.

iPhone : In the past, the best minds of FBR were placed in Large Taxpayer Units where by and large taxpayers are tax compliant.

The future strategy of FBR, already started, is to place the best minds where the challenge lies.

iPhone : FBR’s anti smuggling campaign which will commence tomorrow is to disseminate the message ‘Let Us Stop Buying Smuggled Goods’. Smuggling hurts local manufacturing industry, local employment and government revenues. Let all of us commit to boycott purchase of smuggled goods.

iPhone : FBR will launch 2nd Edition of portal ‘IRIS Maloomat’ during the first week of September 2019. This will greatly assist people and businesses in filing their income tax return for tax year 2019.

iPhone : The positive aspects for the two months of FY2019-20 are that imports during the two months decreased by $1 Billion.

Therefore, if that positive effect is taken into account, collection during the past two months is in line with the target. Alhamdulillah.

iPhone : Alhamdulillah FBR collection in this month is 297.4B despite 8-10 non-working days.

So far, FBR's target for FY2019-20 has been achieved to the extent of 90%.
580 Billion against the target of 644 Billion.