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Its Your BadGyal Daya 🇿🇲

Bio Turning Dreams to Reality. By Gods Grace. 🙏🏽
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iPhone : I’ve decided. A year from now I’m moving to America. LA to be specific. Just wanna live and hustle and do whatever it takes to reside there for a few months or however long.

Just wanna live this life to fullest and follow my dreams. That’s it

iPhone : I hope this comes off correct, I don’t wanna offend but I just wanna attend one Indian wedding so I could wear something this pretty…

iPhone : Let hatred go
Let envy go
Let grudges go
Let self-doubt go
Let low self-esteem go
Let toxic thoughts go
Let negativity go
Let inner peace prevail
Let your heart be light.

iPhone : God,

Thank you for renewing my spirit today. May I walk into this week covered by your strength. Knowing that I am courageous. Whatever you have placed in me, the passion, desire, & dreams, I will be diligent in staying focused on the very things that bring me joy & you glory.

iPhone : God,

When you close one door, you always have a few more open. That’s just the God you are. You see things I can’t see. You know exactly what I need & when I need it. You are intentional. May I continue to trust each process. Each closed door. Each “no” that may be your yes.