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TweetDeck : When you check your payslip and realise that your final pay in your old company before starting your new job next month will include almost 2 months of A/L! :D

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Android : Wife: Dutton won't be PM. No-one likes him. He's our very own Trump.

Me: Trump was elected President.

Wife: Fuck. He was.

TweetDeck : Right on cue, Dutton is out of the gates spruiking race. What is the first thing the pretender goes to? Race. It didn't take him long, did it? A few hours? That's all. Just a few hours. #auspol…

TweetDeck : To shore up the QLD vote leakage to #OneNation the #LNP are going to piss up against the wall any chance they had to hold onto Government at the election. #auspol

TweetDeck : The person doing the least credible job of destroying this #LNP Government right now is Bill Shorten lol. The Coalition is far more convincingly tearing it's house of cards policy strategy to govern to shreds. #auspol

TweetDeck : Same age, 1/2 his intelligence - and 0 of his values. I am being generous.…

TweetDeck : Some gutless Government backbencher is anonymously whinging about losing their job this morning. It doesnt get any more out of touch than this. #libspill

TweetDeck : β€œFor me, I can talk about who I know that I am, some people might not have seen ... for me I can do that now,” Peter Dutton says. Peter Dutton

If you weren't so dangerous to this country I would be laughing.


Twitter Web Client : It's over: the Coalition has cracked under the strain of the PM's hardcore haters | Katharine Murphy…

Android : Add fukn stupid to bloody incompetent as apt descriptions of this coalition #LNP Government. #auspol

Android : Hands up who wants to be prime minister! We just got a hot fax saying that Bob Hawke has survived a challenge from Paul Keating. The Austext national news will be lighting up!

Android : This is not a government. It’s a navel gazing, stabbing and spitting rabble of fools, hooligans and incompetents.…