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iPhone : Breakthrough? I had depth control on my #Lumia years ago! #windowsphone…

iPhone : My wife thinks my new #Raybans are female glasses. Can’t wait till she next asks me about an outfit she has tried on... #marriedlife 😎

iPhone : Michael (twcau) Yep. You wanna see my poker face right now as we wait with him and I am pulling out all stops to look like Mr Calm and radiate ZERO parental stress transference! #oscarworthy

TweetDeck : AEC says the 1266 postal votes awaiting processing will be counted at 3pm today. Still an estimated 4 thousand postals yet to come in. Can be received up to 13 days after polling day, which is Nov 2. #WentworthByElection

TweetDeck : Mr.18 heading off now for his first VCE exam of 2018. Music performance; Piano. 20+ min set comprising of 7 pieces.

Good luck can do it! <3

TweetDeck : So is the AEC site still showing live data for #WentworthVotes ? 1250 odd viable postal votes to go...with Phelps up by almost 900?


Now’s the time to let her know! Please RT because I reckon we can talk her into it.


#auspol #wentworthvotes…

iPhone : Michael Rowland Comment, Editorial, Satire or Song? This will be sure to confuse Mitch. Expect a complaint anyways I’m guessing. #wentworthvotes #FranCanSing

TweetDeck : On the Josh Frydenberg smooth sailing skills proverb tonight...our PM Scott Morrison should be brushing up on his LISTENING skills...but instead is evidently showing his LISTING skills - as he lists from one fuck up to another! #WentworthVotes #auspol

TweetDeck : Tony Wright Anne Bright The Age He was just a puppet - or a hairless muppet, for the deluded, right-wing men in the Lib party. Not enough emotional intelligence there to understand the situation or even see the fall he was being set up for.

TweetDeck : More respect to #Sharma from tonight's speech - and more disgust and scorn at our PM for his contribution. Shameful he invoked #Invictus in this loss.

#WentworthVotes #auspol

TweetDeck : Sharma showing more diplomacy and intelligence in his defeat speech already vs our fuckin PM.