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Android : Andrea Leadsom was supposed to be announcing the future business of the House of Commons tomorrow at 1030. This was supposed to include the WAB.

There's no one to do it now. She doesn't even had a deputy......

Android : Is Leadsom the first. Westminster rumour mill is churning that she's the first domino and more will follow. Could potentially be a chaotic night.

Android : I've never seen a more disgruntled set of MPs than today. After having to wait, for what felt like an age, in a hot stuffy corridor outside the 1922 exec - Tory MPs were called in to be told nothing had changed and May lives on.

They were livid. Walking out shaking their heads.

Android : Ultimately at some point or another in the coming days/weeks, Theresa May either resigns or the 1922 committee will change their rules to get rid of her. There is no changing that reality.

Android : NEW: Sir Graham Brady confirms he'll be meeting with the PM on Friday. Refuses to directly answer if there was discussions about rule changes.

Android : Tory MPs far from happy. Couple told me the meeting was a 'total waste of time'.

Can has been kicked for a couple of days....

Android : NEW: After the meeting Steve Baker, deputy chair of the ERG, says Tory MPs are 'impatient' and May's future depends on the results of the European elections.

Android : There's literally a scrum of Tory MPs waiting outside the door waiting for the 1922 exec to call them in. They've been waiting for a while now....

Android : Tory MPs have now arrived and are waiting to enter. Chief Whip was in with the exec for a matter of minutes. We're likely to find out what's actually going on fairly soon. Bonkers stuff this.