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Android : Donald J. Trump The Dow dropped 800 points in the worst trading day of the year. This may be the start of the #TrumpRecession. Republican presidents always manage to wreck a strong economy they inherit from Democratic presidents. Trump is one term ahead of schedule compared to George W. Bush.

Android : Donald J. Trump Bullshit. You don’t know anybody well. But they know you well. And they play you for a fool every damn minute of every damn day. You’re a buffoon. Everyone knows it. Which is why everyone is taking advantage of America right now. Worst president ever…#Trump

Android : A #TrumpSlump is what happens when you inherit a great economy from your predecessor and then cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, start a trade war with China, and add $2 trillion to the national debt.

Android : UPDATE: ALL six officers who were shot have been released from area hospitals. One Officer is being admitted for injuries sustained in a vehicle crash related to the incident. Situation remains active and ongoing.

Android : I'm 63 years old and over the years I've seen gun violence and pro gun hysteria constantly grow. Nobody had assault rifles when I grew up and we were safer then. If today's radical white male terrorists weren't white we would have a national emergency. This is an emergency.

Android : I’m going to give you a 30 year lesson...

Democrats fix the economy

Republicans fuck it up

Stop being fooled by a racist liar. 2020 we have a lot of work to do. #TrumpRecession