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Twitter Web App : Here’s a simple fact that I learned from the 2020 election:

A majority of voters never heard of Tulsi Gabbard and had no idea she was running for president.

And 90% of the people who say they dislike her can’t explain why.

That’s the power of media manipulation and propaganda

Twitter Web App : .Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 has been warning us about our unpreparedness of a potential nuclear war.

“There is no shelter” as she and fellow Hawaiians realized after that incoming missile warning.

We weren’t prepared for this pandemic.

Will we be prepared for a nuclear war?

Twitter Web App : In this pandemic, we are as healthy as the least insured person in this country.

Our outcome will be determined by our floor, not our ceiling.

Twitter Web App : Translation: It's over, but I want to let the Bros down easy. Did you see the friendly fire Tulsi took when she conceded? No, it's best I finesse this one. Hold my Pabst.…

Twitter Web App : Agreed, but M4A is nothing until it passes. We must get universal coverage as an outcome of this pandemic.

Social Security emerged from the Depression. COVID's legacy must be healthcare coverage for all Americans.…

Twitter Web App : Good lord this video. Like a thoroughbred making a late break in a horse race

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Twitter Web App : To put the emerging tragedy in New York into perspective, New York State (with 15,783 #coronavirus cases) is now the country with the 6th most #COVID19 patients in the world behind only China, Italy, Spain, Germany and Iran. But yes, New York is just one of our 50 states.