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iPhone : Marie Le Conte Well we’re in Paris ironically and people here are generally v sympathetic. My favourite conversation here is debating with taxi drivers whether the English or the French are more mad.

Twitter for iPad : 13. A concluding address from Noble Leader.

“Ye have nothing to fear but fear itself. With ye application of our most redoubtable and indeed world thrashing virtues of good judgment, sturdy common sense, and extraordinary endurance to suffering, ye sky is not ye limit.”


Twitter for iPad : 11. Labour Shortages:

Tin Men will be provided to our loyal farmers and industrialists through ye streamlined and most efficient Domesday Book’s counting of ye Glorious Nation’s assets .

NB Lest ye be fearful of ye Cybernet ye Tin Men will not have hearts.

Twitter for iPad : 10. Most Blessed NHS:

An automated ticket mechanism ye might remember from when ye were children and your parents took you shopping for shoes will be provided to ensure the most optimal queuing.

(Also see above re Magic Money Trees and Golden Geese)

Twitter for iPad : 9. Gravity Theory of Trade:

Despite ye cynics (ye know who ye are), boffins from ye finest universities will invent The Instantaneous Teleportation Device to facilitate trade with the Orient.

Twitter for iPad : 8. Irish Border:

Alternative Arrangements, featuring...

Patriotic Pigeons, Hedgehog Masters of Coding, Kung Fu Moles, Most Observant Watching Squirrels, Fabulous Foxes and...

Miracle of miracles, ye Block Chain.