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iPhone : Jeffery For families earning U$200 a month in South America it’s much much harder to justify paying for coaching, boots, travel etc. for a young girl who will almost never get the chance to earn more than minimum wage

For boys it is completely different, they are buying a lottery ticket

iPhone : Jeffery Family of a talented boy will make lots of personal sacrifices knowing if he keeps improving & is very lucky he might eventually make it a profitable job.

Family of a talented girl will make sacrifices to help her play at club level knowing she will almost certainly get paid.

iPhone : Jeffery Not criticizing Messi, pointing out that if there is no money in the game & no local pro clubs then the risk to reward ratio is too high to pursue it as a career.

Would still kick a ball about with friends but in the last decade how many Argentine girls could make it their job?

iPhone : One of the best young female footballers on the planet explains why she wants to finish uni rather join one of the top European professional teams.

When people compare the men & women’s game, this is the biggest difference.

Would Messi play football if there wasn’t money in it?…

iPhone : Worth keeping an eye out for Santiago Ramos Mingo at Boca over the next year or so. Yes he may sound like a FM regen hybrid of Sergio Ramos and Tyrone Mings, but the 17-year-old centre back could see some gametime this season. One to watch

iPhone : These two clips are from within the same week shortly before he picked up an injury.

He really is consistently remarkable.

Can’t wait to see him back playing again.

iPhone : Jay James Waller He was on his way to another big European move when he got his latest injury too.

Seems to have his head in the right place now, hopefully he gets to show his best at the top level.

His game intelligence combined with perfect technique is amongst the best in world.

iPhone : Further evidence that the rules do not apply to Juan Fernando Quintero.

With that left foot he can perfectly execute whatever mad thing he can dream up and he has quite the imagination.

Nobody hits the ball cleaner.

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iPhone : There is no way a player should be shooting from there.

Unless it is Juan Fernando Quintero of course, Juanfer can do what he wants when he wants.

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