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Bio a dilapidated boat; but my great leader mr hardy thinks im so much more
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iPhone : GIMME AN OL’ RE-TWEET & YOUR VOICE SHALL BE HEARD if ya really want to see a #HouseHardy Christmas special on the WWE Network!

Thanks for watching #HouseHardy tonight & the overwhelmingly passionate feedback has been greatly appreciated.

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iPhone : You wont want to miss a little #HouseHardyHalloween TOMORROW after #WWEEvolution!

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iPhone : DELETE! DELETE! DELETE your plans for Sunday night & join us on the WWE Network for a WONDERFUL #HouseHardyHalloween!

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Matt presents The UNPREDICTABLE Itchweeed with an INVITATION to The #HouseHardy Halloween Ball.. Shall he show up for the party on the WWE Network Sunday? Will you? A WONDERFUL time shall be had by all!

iPhone : Wet your appetite for #HouseHardyHalloween this Sunday after #WWEEvolution with some stories around the campfire with #WOKEN, yet #BROKEN, Matt Hardy #BrotherNero DELETED Nick Searcy, INTERNATIONAL FILM & TELEVISION STAR & more!

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iPhone : Enjoy a CALM, CASUAL conversation around the campfire at The Hardy Compound & meet my TRUSTED Platoon..

Because Sunday on the WWE Network, the INGENIOUS INSANITY of The #BROKENUniverse & it’s CONTINUOUS CHAOS begins in the debut episode of #HouseHardy!…

iPhone : All GIFers better oil up their GIF Makers and Prepare Them For... UTILIZATION!

The ECLECTIC ENTERTAINMENT & BEAUTIFUL BEDLAM of WWE Network’s #HouseHardy Halloween is gonna be positively MIND-BLOWING!

#HouseHardy debuts Sunday night at 10:30pm EST, following #Evolution.

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iPhone : RE-TWEET and REPEAT this week’s #WOKEN Word, guest starring The UNIMPEACHABLE #SenorBenjamin! Señor Benjamin

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iPhone : #HouseHardy TEASER PREPARE

You are invited to the 1st EVAH #HouseHardy Halloween Ball, exclusively on the WWE Network!

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