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TweetDeck : After next PBE Patch I'll be putting together the LOR Special Interactions since its a 3 week pbe cycle I'll actually have time.

I'm still unsure on order/grouping which is something I need to work out

TweetDeck : Taken 4 or 5 hours but its at the point where I'm like "Good enough", the result isn't great but its usable.

Mainly an issue of I need find time to make proper new tools rather than some slapped together stuff that makes this take a while.

Android : Going to stream some LoR tonight when I get home on YouTube & Twitch and probably do badly, hopefully not that badly.

Will try squeeze in some streams on the weekend if I can make some progress on the LoR interactions video

Android : Phil / Youmuus Pretty much a crash every week on that round about because people are morons unsure how she flipped unsure of someone drove into the side of her or if she slammed the breaks and avoided a collision just to flip it

Android : bio krekka Unsure how much it would actually "screw" me, most of the views are from when it hits pbe rather than after release but I do still get some after release. For riot think it's mainly finding time to allocate people to make the tech and they have higher priority issues