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iPhone : Paige Hurd I love you!!!!!

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iPhone : I don’t see people discussing this show’s brilliance enough.
The casting was perfection. The chemistry between the leads was so believable. Jamie Foxx’s comedic timing was so smooth and simply GENIUS. His improv choices were a thrill to watch. Actual laugh out loud humor.


iPhone : Do you feel like your lips have to “fit” with the person you date? Like they have to perfectly blend IMO. I dunno how people with big lips kiss their tiny lipped partners. I wouldn’t be able to date anyone whose lips didn’t align properly when kissing. Am I crazy or you feel me?

iPhone : A big shout out to LOréal Paris USA for celebrating amazing everyday women who are making a powerful difference in their communities! Vote now at to help one honoree win up to $35K towards her cause 🤗 #partnerpost

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iPhone : I stuck to playing Gospel everyday, hosted the Grammys red carpet, celebrated 6 years with my man, wrote my first film, learned how to properly apologize, got a new puppy, mended some friendships and did my own stunts in my first action film.…

iPhone : She shares pieces of herself wisely

Because her knowledge is too rare

To gift to broken souls

...who forget the simplest of thank yous.

iPhone : ⭐️ Google “royalties”.

Money is being made off stolen work if it’s on music platforms (even streaming it for free brings in money). Do your homework before coming at strangers. The producer stole. Period.

iPhone : Vitamins that promote hair growth, not just biotin. Good diet and exercise. Protective styles/low maintenance and manipulation. Natural hair care products that actually work on your hair and knowing your hair type, ie low porosity vs high porosity. Water temperature when washing.…