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iPhone : I may or may not have booked another movie. Back to hiding! Have a good July!!! ✨✨✨

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iPhone : My whole world changed when I started admitting to MYSELF & to loved ones when I was wrong. It continued evolving when I did something about it.

iPhone : Support “Love Is”. ✨
My Dad directed tonight’s episode and it’s a phenomenal show.

She created some of my favorite tv characters *hums the Girlfriend’s theme song* and... his sperm created me. So yeah - that’s a good reason to support! 😂

iPhone : Veryyyy diff from a simple intro or that’s “my girl” when it’s said with strong conviction. Thank you for further explaining what I meant. ✨…

iPhone : I am so proud to have directed the 2nd episode of @owntv series “love is”, created from the brilliant mind of Mara Brock Akil. Based on her relationship with her husband Salim Akil. wonderfully written & an amazing Cast. #BlackLove

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iPhone : wishing all my fellow creatives lots of inspiration, success, paid gigs, time to do what you love and freedom to be yourselves.

everything you want is already yours.

iPhone : Sigh. There’s nothing bare minimum about my relationship but because you’re a grown man seeking RTs who stumbled on my page you wouldn’t know that.. would you, Dario?

Now ima go take a nap. Jet lagged from my Paris trip that my bare minimum man just took me on. Get well.✨❤️…

iPhone : My boyfriend always introduces me as “his woman” and makes sure everyone in the room has met me. And I just...

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iPhone : I always have to remind myself that nothing in this life is in vain. No relationship or career choice. No friendship or decision has been pointless.

I love seeing my world come together and being able to further understand why certain things happen.

iPhone : The girl next me in my Uber is eating her boogers. I looked dead at her. She didn’t stop. I-...

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