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iPhone : Everyday I drink warm water + turmeric + cayenne pepper + lemon juice + agave + powder collagen.
It’s one of the best skin investments.
Your skin routine has to go beyond products you apply.
Take care of ya insides!

iPhone : It comes down to morals aligning. Here’s an easy example, say you’re prioritizing clean eating and not talking about people and your friend only wants to talk shit about everyone while eating chili cheese fries😂, you’ve outgrown what that friendship offers & are in a new space.…

iPhone : You ever watch someone you used to be close with talk & think “damn... I’ve outgrown you”?

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iPhone : Some changes I’ve been making lately include.
Starting my day + working out to solely gospel.
Catching myself when I am doing too many favors that leave me drained.
Leaving my phone at home while doing small errands.
Writing out positive ideas instead of leaving em in my head…

iPhone : I understand that being your authentic self is not easy for most. However, I’m just not in a place in my life where I can have lost friends. I spent too many years playing parent & therapist to all of my friends and found myself empty. Boundaries must be drawn for my own health.

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iPhone : I love being a versatile creative.
One day I’m audtioning.
The next day I’m shooting my friend’s headshots.
The next day I’m braiding another friend’s head (in 2 hrs!).

Don’t leave this life without utilizing all your gifts and trying new things. ☺️

iPhone : 9/10 I would rather be home & alone.
I truly prefer it.
It’s so rare to find people who I can spend more than a few hours with and not be over it.

iPhone : Respect that but I personally feel like it seems they did a lot of research to show a new perspective to most.

A kid @ my high school had Aspergers and acted SO MUCH like this.

As an actor, I am blown away by some of the lead’s subtle mannerisms. He’s so grounded and natural.…