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SocialFlow : In Nevada, the stop-Bernie movement is going around in circles.

SocialFlow : Why can’t my wife and I pray together?

SocialFlow : The admission confirms that Rohrabacher offered the deal to Assange and believed he could secure a pardon should Assange deliver evidence favorable to Trump.

SocialFlow : The new doc “Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band” lives up to its subtitle.

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: I did not want a dog, but he finally wore me down.

SocialFlow : Trump has bypassed nearly 50 laws to speed up border wall construction ahead of the 2020 election.

SocialFlow : Don’t hate on my RACI chart until you understand how helpful it can be!

SocialFlow : The new Emma adaptation is more faithful than Clueless, but it still makes some big changes.

SocialFlow : Money can’t buy you debate prowess.

SocialFlow : The attorney general has done exactly what he was appointed to do: bend the law to serve Trump.

SocialFlow : I know if we have another baby, I’ll essentially have to take care of it alone.

SocialFlow : One starts to suspect Wall Street doesn’t share the preferences of the American general public.

SocialFlow : The ingredients of headnote hate include a heaping cup of context collapse and a generous pinch of misogyny.

SocialFlow : Elizabeth Warren reasserted herself as the Democratic party’s fighting wonk.

SocialFlow : Dear How to Do It: When I watch videos on Pornhub, am I safe from seeing minors by accident?

SocialFlow : On this week's episode of #HowToPod, benjamin folds shares the process for writing his 2015 song "So There". Listen to the episode:

Then, listen to the song on Spotify and see if you can follow along:

SocialFlow : The judge hammered Stone for “covering up” for Trump even as the president again attacked the prosecution on Twitter.

Twitter Web App : This is yet more proof of the Internet Event Horizon, where what was widespread cultural knowledge in the mid-‘80s to mid-‘90s is lost behind a veil of ignorance because it happened before everything was put online but was too recent to record as nostalgia…

SocialFlow : 10-years-old is too young for my daughter to be kissing her “boyfriend,” right?

SocialFlow : The new doc “Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band” lives up to its subtitle.