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SocialFlow : How soon is too soon to mine pop’s past for a new hit?

SocialFlow : Some were also apparently told they couldn’t protest.

SocialFlow : TikTok already has a scammer infestation.

SocialFlow : The #BoycottCVS dispute has everything to do with corporate profits and little to do with women’s health care.

SocialFlow : Experimenting with a gel manicure set helped me finally learn how to satisfactorily do my own nails.

SocialFlow : U.S. Soccer blamed the women for “an aggressive and ultimately unproductive approach.”

SocialFlow : These menthol migraine patches provide the closest thing to relief that you can find.

SocialFlow : The president says the whole thing was “a complete setup."

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: My opinion is that if you’re going to have a mass of hair the size of a small animal on your face, you should maintain it so that it is pleasant to look at. Help!

SocialFlow : Where are the sha-na-now?

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: It wouldn’t bother me so much if it didn’t feel so disingenuous.

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: At a recent outing, she got drunk and repeatedly announced that “everyone should get pregnant and have a baby.”

SocialFlow : If every way to cope is valid, what’s wrong with holding your tears in?

SocialFlow : Julia, an autistic Muppet, was an emotional triumph. So why is the show now helping promote insidious ideas about neurodiverse people?

SocialFlow : With Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ new songs, the cycle of famous people getting together and breaking up continues apace.

SocialFlow : The police chief in Dayton said it was hard to fathom the shooter would kill his sibling. It’s not.

SocialFlow : Amazon’s superhero series reveals how much has changed since the original 2006 comics.

SocialFlow : Subscribe to our campaign newsletter, The Surge, to keep up with who’s pulling ahead each week, and who’s falling behind, in the 2020 race.🇺🇸

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: Somehow the idea of just waiting to see what happens seems to hurt more than deciding not to try.

SocialFlow : No one was willing to pay $750K, but the “sexual oasis” still has a listing on Airbnb.