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SocialFlow : If he does run, Bloomberg’s wealth and a number of allegations of sexual harassment and misogynist comments are likely to damage his candidacy from the start.

SocialFlow : But how does he feel about the penny?

SocialFlow : The first step in beating Trump: picking a candidate you prefer.

SocialFlow : Dear How to Do It: I’m all over my husband after 30 years. I want to tell my kids to wait for sex this good.

SocialFlow : It’s Christmas (for people who’ve been waiting to find out what the twist is in Last Christmas)!

SocialFlow : Trump has joked if Sessions decides to run, he’d move to Alabama to run against him.

SocialFlow : I can’t believe no administrators, teachers, or students spoke up about this boy’s insulting and offensive act.

SocialFlow : Dear How to Do It: I hook up with trans women but don’t want to be surprised by a penis. Can I just ask if they have one?

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: We see them every time we sit down for a meal. Help!

SocialFlow : I found my partner’s porn stash, and what I saw really freaked me out.

SocialFlow : “We tracked him and found that 12 days ago he signed in once without encryption from…” a Saudi official wrote about a target using the info provided by the Twitter employees.

SocialFlow : Plus, which Trump child is Daddy’s favorite?

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: “She hates the way I treat them. I hate the way they treat her.”

SocialFlow : #DearPrudie: What’s going on?

SocialFlow : Mark Morris: “I think that if you're going to choreograph with music … you should know what the hell you're talking about.”

SocialFlow : “When I saw those thighs, I said, ‘Everything is going to be all right here.’ ”

SocialFlow : ESPN, the College Football Playoff, and Twitter drive fans to madness.

SocialFlow : The GOP’s Ukraine denials threaten American politics even more than Trump’s crimes do.