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🌹Smiley girl🌹#NoBorisSurrenderTreaty

Bio Well Die Hard Tory Brexiteers You Got What You Wanted....Nigel Has Stood Aside. Let’s Hope Bojo Doesn’t Let You Down. Careful What You Wish For.
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iPhone : Please all BXP supporters getting disheartened. 13th December either BJ or JC will be PM. BXP have done the right thing in making it more likely to be BJ. It is a compromise. Vote Tory, please. If in a Labour seat vote BXP, please. Get BXP opposition 2 hold BJ to account. #GE2019

iPhone : BREAKING: Labour trying to be hip and happening during their nuthouse convention, clapping and swaying to music.

Ill soon sort these f*ckwits out 😉

#MarksVideos #ComingToTakeYouAway

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iPhone : MB NEWS: Fancy trying to hold a demo AGAINST our Military just after Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day.

The police saved them getting ripped apart. 🤬🤬🤬

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iPhone : Tina King Dog Of Britain TESTO SQUIRREL THE 2ND👃 Freepress Teddy_SMASH_EUSSR LSW1 Lin #FREESPEECH 🇬🇧29/3 Lynn English#Britishindependence Luma #BRITISH INDEPENDENCE Will be interested in that Tina. He can’t win imo. Whatever he does he gets accused of stopping Brexit.

Ppl didn’t like it when he was ‘splitting the vote’ & now he’s being attacked for standing aside like he was being asked to.

iPhone : The Brexit Party is putting country before party by standing down in 317 Conservative-held seats.

We are still fighting to win elsewhere across the country, including in Hartlepool.

My pledge: to deliver Brexit, jobs and money.