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Facebook : *-***-***-****

Hendrick Motorsports, How may I direct your call?

I need to talk to Rick please

Mr. Hendrick

Yes Maam, Rick Hendricks

Mr. Hendrick does not normally accept incoming calls on this line. Is he...…

Facebook : I really like celebrating Christmas. But you know what? Everybody gets birthed in one way shape or form. I think Easter is my favorite.

Facebook : If it’d been me,
There’d be no Easter celebration
I’d have called down the Legions
And stopped the mess

If it’d been me
I’d have stomped my feet
Turned and left that kangaroo court
And dared anyone to say a word...…

Facebook : I've always kind of wanted to think that when Jesus conquered death, he arose, walked over to the stone that sealed the tomb, kicked and busted that thing into a million pieces so that when they showed up on Easter...…