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Android : Working Saturdays , Like A Boss! 馃榿
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Android : Like A Boss
Standup Commentary
With @howardjohnson5691
Directed by moi
16 October
#rehearsals #businessowner #likeaboss #likeabosssa #entrepreneurship
#humour #facts #funny
GrandWest #RoxyRevueBar

Android : Remembering that's how we ended up here.
Great video though. Very stirring. Very like we're actually still in control and we're fixing this.


Android : with the youth and should be enhanced
And something about what's happening elsewhere in the world with violence against women and in the home and applying what was practiced there .
So basically, content-wise, what we've been doing up till now, just more of it.

Android : The Premier was very...forceful...
I think he said we're starting our own police force
And detective force
And that we're continuing doing what we're doing for vulnerable children
And that the Chrysalis Academy ( the cadet training bit) was an effective way to address concerns

Android : The face I make when I try to stop my knee from jerking . I need a moment. I just watched and listened to the Premier responding to - well, Im not sure what anymore - and I must say the tone of the video - its very like a campaign - was quite... great production values

Android : Please tell me how my mom manages to handle 45 kids everyday without violence... these kids come from horrible conditions and still she manages to get them to behave in class without needing to moer them into submission.

Android : from the 25th at The Joseph Stone for Mr Pannekoek
Come to The Heritage Walk, Come to Like A Boss, Come to Mr Pannekoek and the Factory Girls - after all, I'm a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and I'm missioning!

Android : tanned persuasion with an entrepreneurial instinct in an environment with its own set of rules, its own language and its own way of interpreting the world.
Both shows happen n October -
from the 16th ar the Roxy Revue Bar at Grandwest for Like A Boss

Android : time it's status was shifting in our communities- gone the days when at least one member of any given family was employed in the trade. Mr Pannekoek and the Factory Girls is a homage to a time and a people
- Like A Boss addresses another cultural conundrum : being of a

Android : Im doing the Constantia Heritage Walk on Heritage Day - its a free event. And life-changing if youre unaware of the forced removals that took place in that part of the city.
Its synchronistic that all this Heritage Month Im obsessing about
- the garment industry during the

Android : verstaan hang af van hoe jy dit lees. Konsentreer - jy's nie alleen teer, almal kry seer. Ofte wel, almal sonder verweer. Hoe nou gemaak - sonder om jou eie menslikheid te skaak. En kla maar verniet oor swaar dra - hedendaags word daar baie van jou gevra.

Android : Maak die binneste sterk. Weet in murg en bloed. Aleen staan somtyds vir die goed. Skaar rond en roep. Dis jy, maar jy as groep. Wat jy dra, wat jy vra. Na wat jy soek - 'n hoofstuk in 'n boek.
En terwyl skrywer be-ywer, reeds gekleur met die gees, die storie

Android : Help vir Henna. Gee my krag. Hou bors hou.
Swaar dra al annie een kant. Orals traan en rou. Verw毛e en vervalle. Te veel ongevalle gevalle. Waar gaan ons heen. Waar geen ween. Waar soek vrede, sonder rede. Gister, m么re en hede. Dan maar weer werk.

Android : Bar in Oct - if you've ever wanted to start a business ( have a business, or are a business ) or care about or knows someone who does - come negotiate the pitfalls, hurdle the challenges and celebrate the craziness, like a Boss!
#laughinearlydied #hometruths

Android : Working with @howardjohnson5691 on #likeaboss is like re-living the times of starting Taxi Radio and TaxiVision and the excitement, anxiety, madness and passion - chasing a dream, working a reality, finding a way - except its also funny! Like A Boss is at The Roxy Revue