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Twitter for iPad : If anyone is shocked at how disrespectful Corey Lewandowski is to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, you haven't been paying attention.

This is EXACTLY the rude behavior that is encouraged and rewarded by the Obstructor-in-Chief.

Twitter for iPad : My husband and I made a day trip visiting Canada yesterday. The people were lovely, the roads well cared for. Storefronts were beautiful. The air and water pristine. It was hard to come back across the border. We used to be equals, but the GOP is destroying us, bit by bit.

Twitter for iPad : Did you know Matt’s reputed to have killed his college roommate? And that the anti LGBTQ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ conservative has long been rumored to be Gay himself. Guess he blames his thing for men on the booze or maybe he doesn’t kiss them while doing everything else?…

Twitter for iPad : That's right get your old #Republican ass out of California How you get in anyhow (my home state) We don't allow republicans in Calif I need to talk to my buds about this shit Congressman #PaulCook Retiring early I wonder why?…

Twitter for iPad : A few people have DMed me to tell me they are unfollowing me because I am promoting and sharing my art.

Let me address that.

1. Fuck You

2. Fuck you again.

3. Fuck you one more time:

4. Fuck you.

Twitter for iPad : Transportation secretary & wife of #MoscowMitch is being investigated for ethics violations. I always wondered what attracted him to her, now I know!

Twitter for iPad : β€œNo way did Elizabeth Warren draw a bigger crowd than me. The fake news media is at it again. Elizabeth Warren isn’t even a real person. Washington Square Park doesn’t exist. Obama Netflix!”

- Donald Trump tomorrow, probably