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Bio I have an amazing family. Ive reversed my Type 2 Diabetes. Im crazy but never boring. Fifty-something but still doing OLevels mentally. Brexiteer.
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Twitter Web App : Oliver Burns Goynis I would explode Oliver. I can't describe how hard our life is right now and there are other kids as bad and worse. Families go through hell and I hope that there is a bombardment of complaints. Absolutely disgusting!

Twitter Web App : alphabetti spaghetti I know exactly how you feel. This week has been hell, literally that because he's been so anxious and won't settle down for hours at the moment.

He's finished school now but I know how kids can react and I'm furious over this. As you know alphabetti we have enough to deal with.

Twitter Web App : How completely irresponsible. She should be sacked for this. You shouldn't do this to any children but this could be dangerous and trust me I know what I'm talking about😑

Twitter Web App : I am bouncing mad right now. As a mother of a severely Autistic son whose anxiety is off the charts right now and we're struggling, this has reached the heights of stupidity with this damn scaremongering. These kids and families DON'T need this:…

Twitter Web App : Alan Francis Phil Kershaw Oh yes. I've not fully trusted the judiciary system for years but this week they showed just how appalling they really can be. I have no respect for them.

Twitter Web App : Elaine Patrick I have a crazy sense of humour Elaine and toilet humour come to that sometimes but to do this openly as an MP is wrong.

If this idiot had done this privately nothing would have been said but to be so flagrant about it smacks of arrogance.

Twitter Web App : Rob Redhead Brook Bay Pirate Good point and her status as an MP shouldn't be shielding her like it is. I've said this a few times but I genuinely believe that many Labour MPs are a security risk and shouldn't be allowed near Parliament. Why is the ECHR taken so long to investigate them?

Twitter Web App : Leslie winters Yes and after I pointed this out to him, he disappeared.

He forgot while berating Nigel that she'd done the same thing to her own leader.