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Bio I have an amazing family. Ive reversed my Type 2 Diabetes. Im crazy but never boring. Fifty-something but still doing OLevels mentally. Brexiteer.
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Twitter Web App : Stephen Grant It makes me shudder Stephen. There's something insidious about this moron and just like the Phillips of the Labour Party he's out of his depth.

Twitter Web App : Stephen Grant Yes. He has never mentally left his private education and hasn't got the intelligence and ability to run any Country.

Twitter Web App : Stephen It's nice to see the Queen subtly dig at Sturgeon.

I love Scotland and many good Scots but the Harpy would destroy all that in her bid to destroy our ties and relationship with them. Evil shyster.

Twitter Web App : Just imagine if this bad tempered, ignorant, dangerous, terrorist loving, IRA supporting, antisemitic Marxist ran one of the parties in this country!

Oh wait..........…

Twitter Web App : CAPTAIN MANNERING Honestly I just can't believe that they've learned nothing from the trouncing last Thursday.

Corbyn immediately blamed the media and anyone rather than himself. They've been TOLD it was Corbyn and Brexit. This just shows how vile they really are.

Twitter Web App : Nigel Ponting Grand Day Out Oh she wouldn't do that Nigel because just like the Soubry's we've just ousted through the GE she only thinks of herself.

Sturgeon is a nasty little gobshite trying to get the Scots to hate us but she's way off. Many great Scots ignore her.

Twitter Web App : Andy Taylor I don't doubt what you say at all. However, Blair's actions caused the deaths of countless people and by you raising the History of it you're trying to weaken his role in it.

Twitter Web App : If you can’t make it to a TV today, this is what happened when we surprised Terrence - who came on #bbcbreakfast yesterday to talk about loneliness - with a visit from the students at Oldham College.
You might need some tissues

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Twitter Web App : Choxaway Nick πŸŽ„ I think you're right. I had that feeling in her last speech. It must be awfully frustrating not to be able to speak your mind openly.

Good on the Queen.

Twitter Web App : Nick πŸŽ„ I know she's got the best of everything but she did look good as always.

I wonder if she scowled at them like she did last time. All done of course in a very Regal manner.

Twitter Web App : cliff hilda Yvette Cooper I couldn't believe it when I heard that last night.

Mind you let them do it. Not one of their contenders is worthy and if it keeps this Momentum Labour out of power then brilliant.