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Android : Don't be afraid to promote your creative work as often as you need to promote it.

For indie folks, it can be a struggle to get sales, and the folks who get annoyed at you for plugging your Etsy or Kickstarter are folks who had no interest in financially supporting you anyway.

Android : She looks annoyed though. A mood honestly, but what if people read my messages in a different way because of it 🤔


She has only 44 hours. The campaign is just 3% away from its goal.

Look at those pins, if you're interested in purchasing one, please do it now! 🌻🧡


Android : Natashas Art Ella G. stu-ART-mac I’m late to this party. I just saw it this morning while I was at work. But I’d still be happy to share some of my work. My mediums are pencil, colored pencil, pen, and acrylics. I’ll have to post my WIP later. There’s not much to it now. I just started it this weekend.

Android : Sapphy 💙 Just a tip sapphy, quote tweeted tweets don't get as much attention as original ones! I love your work and will support you as much as i can, so i wanted to let you know if you didn't already!

Android : Raven Orion Rodger Yeah i guess the sketch can be a little confusing. It's frustrating to explain my style irl though, it happens way too many times

And thank you, this made me so happy to read. It means a lot ❤️🌻

Android : Ok, i have to say this, i know it started as a joke, but my icon actually looks good? 🤔

Maybe thats a style i will explore a bit, when i have the time!

Also, i will delete my last post! Im doing good again and dont want to be remembered!

Good night everyone 🌻🧡