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For commission work you can Dm me or contact me via illu.ella.g@gmail.com

|Hosting Artshares every once and then!

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Twitter for iPad : ✨Commission Announcement!!! ✨

I’m changing up the way I do commissions a little as well as changing the prices up a bit. Prices will not be based on whether it is a headshot, half body or full body but rather on the complexity of the requested drawing.

DMs are open. 😊

Twitter Web App : Witnesses said a bus driver told an ICE agent to “gargle [his] balls” when the latter requested to enter the bus twitter.com/apseattle/stat…

Twitter Web App : Thank you so much for buying my stuff 😭 you all love these #reylo stickers so much. I plan on doing more 🌸

Twitter Web App : JJadx: comms open. artist. I didnt wanted to do the exact same thing, but i was going for a scene that might have the same feel in did ^^

Really wonderful cinematography, haunting film !

Thank you im glad you like it !!

Twitter Web App : twitch.tv/lydiachan22ill…
Hello cutie beeeeeans
Im live again and working on commission art!
Grab your pencils or tablets, lets create art together and listen to the relaxing stream BG music!

#artstream #commission #twitch #fanart

Twitter Web App : 🍄 Artist Support 🍄

I’m bored let’s do an art thread

🌻 Comment below some of your art
🌻 Rt this so others can see
🌻 Follow other artist you like

I’ll rt as my as I can!!

Android : Art shop share🎨🎉
🛍Share your art and shops!🛍️
🛍️Share your links! 🛍️
🛍️ Support each other🛍️
🛍️Rt for reach!🛍️
#artshare pic.twitter.com/Kuw0Vn5zwg

iPhone : Y’all, it looks like I got into my first convention. 😎 I got an email from HavenCon and I’m planning to do it. ✨

iPhone : Were thrilled to announce our contributor list for Any Way the Wind Blows! Pt. 1
Find all of their socials listed here! lowlightzines.tumblr.com/post/190985221…

Twitter Web App : ✨Question Merch✨
Have you ever made custom acrylic charms from ali baba? Do you have a good supplier? My local comic con is around the corner and i would love to make som Nezuko charms ❤

Android : Tonight Ill be playing Fire Emblems new DLC to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention with my team OneBigTV Ill be starting at 5PM EST, and will speak more on this cause that is dear to me. Our team is live right NOW and we will be on until 10PM EST!

Twitter Web App : ✨LEFTOVERS✨

I want to sell them so I´ll make a discount, 7$+shipping ❤️
They are double-sided and 6 cm long

✨Payment via Paypal or in my shop: sapphyart.storenvy.com ✨

Android : Tony Tawk yelling Do a kickflip! to random skaters on the street is everything I didnt know I needed 😂🔥🤘

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Twitter Web App : COME ON THIS HAS TO BE A REBOOT YOU CANT KEEP DOING THIS TO ME twitter.com/air_news01/sta…

Twitter Web App :

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Twitter Web App : 🌺SKETCH HEADSHOT CMS 🌺

🌸PRICE - $15 (thru paypal) 🌸

🌷Six slots!
🌷Male and Female Characters accepted!
🌷One cm (character) per person!
🌷Clear (drawn) references only please! No written!!
🌷No NSFW/Furries/Anthros/Baras!

🌼DM me if interested! RTs appreciated!💞 🌼

iPhone : Dramatic irony is a useful tool to make the audience want to know what will happen next. It helps create narrative drive as the audience anticipates when the characters will learn what the audience already knows. #amwriting #writingcommunity kiingo.co/tip-424

iPhone : Anyone out there have a soft spot for The Prince of Egypt? 👀

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Android : #animalcrossing little daisy mae! 🐗 i have only known her for a day, but if anything happened to her.... 🔪

iPhone : Hi so what if rikus memories of sora start dramatically fading one day and he starts panicking as they replay because the fact that everyone remembers him means he still exists

iPhone : I commissioned the talented Cathpun to draw my two horned babies Aeterna and Mithrim and am beyond floored by her talent.

They are SO cute ♥️♥️♥️♥️😭

If you have IG go send her some love:

Twitter Web App : pip pap I was only rewatching it because the guy I banged reminded me of lister but if there is more content then HELL YEAH

Twitter Web App : Hey folks! Ive got updates for my spring 2020 commissions!

First of all, you can find my FAQ and full info sheet here!
🌟tinyurl.com/yx2fvvvv 🌟

🌟SFW only!
🌟DnD Characters
🌟DM if you have any questions!

🌟Please like and RT, pretty please!🌟