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Bio Dont forget to smile today! ☀🌻|

For commission work you can Dm me or contact me via illu.ella.g@gmail.com

|Hosting an Artshare every once and then!

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Twitter Web App : RobotsAndSuch Im a disabled artist and writer.

This year I learned you have to find just the right moment to share your work to actually get it seen, so keep sharing it strategically! And that I really like painting cats and landscapes.

Android : Me saying I would die for you has no meaning but if Im gonna LIVE for you, you better feel loved cause I didnt even wanna live for myself. twitter.com/valkyrheart/st…

Android : Couldn’t sleep and I wanted to finish it so have some more Joker fanart, based on the Dark Knight Tryilogy. Hope you enjoy :) #Joker #Batman #TheDarkKnight

Android : Its giveaway time! 💙 Id like to give something in return of your amazing support 💜
☄️ Win a stylized portrait of your character!
☄️ RT & Follow to enter
☄️ +1 winner will be added after 300 RTs!
Tell me a few words about your character, Id like to get to know them ☺️💫

Android : Thank you all for giving me my dream. Without art I didnt feel myself, and now I do what excites me and feeds my soul. I didnt make art for years because I felt like no one was interested and that I had no real potential. Im glad I took a chance, and glad you all are with me.

Twitter Web App : CN food

I know we talk a lot about staying hydrated but we all know being in the flow lets us forget to eat sometimes, so take care & breaks if you can 🌿👌 pic.twitter.com/sXpNatuXT5

Android : ✨💍GIVEAWAY💍✨
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Im giving away one size 7 Rina ring in sterling silver centered with an opal. Check out all my magical girl rings at bisoulovely.com

Ends the 20th! Ships worldwide!🌎❤️

#SailorMoon #CardCaptorSakura

Twitter Web App : Inktober Day 14: Overgrown
The ruins of the Alihan temple hold many secrets...
A kind vampire, but gave more blood then she drank.

#inktober #inktober2019 #inktoberovergrown #overgrown #illustration #artistontwitter

Android : Walked into the studio and found some old hand studies I never “finished”. The time away must’ve reset my brain because I think I’ll just leave them as is. Look complete to me
#oilstudies #oil #sketch #artist #blackartist #flemishpainting

Twitter Web App : Backgrounds from Grave of the Fireflies (火垂るの墓, 1988, Studio Ghibli, art director : Yamamoto Nizo )

~ For any of yall how grew up in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s... ~

🎊 Good & Bad Memories?

🎊 Your Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood?

🎊 How was it like growing in these decades?

(Im only asking these questions, because Im a 2000s kid.)

iPhone : would u be interested in purchasing a small zine of all my inktober pieces this month? (i’d probably sell it for $8-12 maybe?)

Android : Help me find my little cousin ! Anything can happen she’s only a baby !! Just please find her , pleaseeee‼️‼️‼️ twitter.com/officialquaii/…

Twitter Web App : Its absolutely heinous how difficult it is to get world or even local space rotations to play nice with bone space rotations.

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iPhone : Why is it so hard for y’all to understand that One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto are the big 3? twitter.com/frosty_2326/st…

Twitter Web App : Thank you everyone for visiting me at Richmond Zine Fest, it made me very happy. For those who were unable to purchase items due to the fact that Im an out of date grandma, below is my online store. Ill update as soon as changes are made on the website.

iPhone : Inktober Day 13 ✨✨
#poison ☠️
#inktober #inktober2019 #inktoberday13 #inktober2019day13 #ink #traditionalart #traditionalartwork #onepaintingaday #inktoberchallenge #inktoberchallenge2019 #hahnemuhle #sketchbook #witchcraftinktober #hahnemuhlepaper #hahnemühlesketchbook

Android : Key Animation: ???
Series: The Legend of Korra: Book Three (2014)


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Android : Hope Im not too late for #artvsartist2019!
Nice to meet you! ✨
Im Veronika, a German Illustrator and I like to draw, obviously! 🤗
#artvsartist #ArtistOnTwitter

Twitter Web App : One of these viral #greatwhiteshark photos is real - do you know the story behind it?
aquarium.co.za/blog/entry/10-… 🦈📸
#shark #sharknight #interesting

Android : Im... not able to see a lot of tweets?
It doesnt even matter if its from an acct thata blocked, has me.blocked, doesnt or is private: tweets are just showing up as unavailable left and right????


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