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Bio Award-winning standup/singer/writer. Thread specialist. Host @mysteryontherox. Repd by @unitedagents.


Sooz is the anti Donald Trump Ed Miliband

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Twitter Web App : Over at MysteryOnTheRocks we don't let a lockdown get in the way of us getting to the bottom of an important mystery! More of these to come.…

Twitter Web App : Raising a 5.20pm champagne (Aldi prosecco) cocktail to my trans champs on #TransVisibilityDay.

Twitter Web App : If you're feeling bereft of #Eastenders I have been filling the void by making EastEnders:Lockdown with UK comedians. Here are the first three episodes. New episodes next week!…

Twitter Web App : KVTE MVRLVIS "And then during the interval the Safety Curtain will come down and we'll show repeats of It Ain't Half Hot Mum projected on to it"

Twitter Web App : KVTE MVRLVIS Olivia Mace 2 stars in The Guardian, 1 star in The Independent, director goes on a 15-tweet rant about "the liberal PC brigade" at 4am before quote-tweeting a glowing Twitter review from Piers Morgan.

Twitter Web App : KVTE MVRLVIS Olivia Mace UGH there's a full 16 bars where the band stop and they sing in a FUCKING ROUND slapping their own thighs and I've already got my fingers round my debit card and am making my way to the tube.

Twitter Web App : Oh my god why are you still using Zoom you have an array of secure videoconferencing tools and you use a commercial app banned by the Ministry of Defence AND YOU’VE LEFT THE MEETING ID VISIBLE.…

Twitter Web App : KVTE MVRLVIS Olivia Mace Look, I'm sorry, it's just been a rough 2 weeks and I started to come round to the idea of dancing viruseseses and maybe MAYBE I dared to dance a little myself.

Twitter Web App : I love Pointless coz it's all meat no fat.

Alexander Armstrong: "Hello, tell us your name and what you do"
Contestant: "I'm Steph and and I'm a teach-"
Alexander Armstrong: "LOVELY pick a country that doesn't have an A in its name"

Twitter Web App : KVTE MVRLVIS Repulsive solo number from the asthmatic child (plucked straight from Sylvia Young, looks like an anime angel) who has so many allergies he can't go outside normally anyway and he sings Suddenly the World Is Just Like Me and I'm COVERED IN MY OWN SICK