Im Suzi Poppins, yall! (@SoozleMcDoozle )

Im Suzi Poppins, yall!

Bio Professional friend for people with dementia.
I also write and make art.
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Android : David L. Bahnsen Abusers blame the people they abuse for abusing them. Look up the Wheel of Power and Control and there are the tactics of the republican party. 🤷‍♀️
You might be self-aware enough to notice it, because you didn't fall for it when trump did it, but who knows. You did tweet this.

Android : So Gov. Kim Reynolds can ignore any laws she chooses?

In 2017 IA passed a law that requires disclosure of the reason a state employee was demoted or fired.

Clearly you think Iowans will just let you skate on this. Wrong! #iapolitics #CorruptGOP…

Android : Holy sh*t. I live in the U.K. In living here, you get a very different perspective on the German view of Nazis than you do in the US.

For Stern to put this on their cover is *huge* in a way most Americans can't fathom.

If they're calling 45 out as a Nazi...he is one.…

Android : John Browne Not necessarily. Most of the time medical research funded by NIH leads to someone else building on top of it. There's not a "product" at the end; that's not an accurate way to think of how research like that works.