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Im Suzi Poppins, yall!

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Android : “ America thinks abortions are cruel but will let children die of the flu in cages”…

Twitter Web App : Again, to the press.

You can go chase that Barron faux outrage like puppies.

Or you can talk about the Constitution that protects your First Amendment rights.

Or if you like nasty, just talk about how Jonathan Turley contradicted Jonathan Turley.

Twitter Media Studio : Hey Andrew Yang🧢, I had to get a couple up before tomorrow...

See you tomorrow at 12pm at the Ames Community Center.

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Android : The narrative of youre just impeaching him because you dont like him is stupid and incomplete.

Its We dont like him because...:

- Hes a criminal
- He cant control criminal impulses
- We like Presidents who arent criminals

THEREFORE, he must be impeached.

iPhone : Devin Nunes accuses Adam Schiff of using congressional resources to obtain naked pictures of Donald Trump

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iPhone : As you watch Louie Gohmert speak, remember he was one of the main congressmen who pushed the conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya.

Gohmert went as far as to co-sponsor a Birther Bill in 2009.

His existence is a constant reminder the GOP was rotten long before Trump.

Android : Louie Gohmert: Id like to make an opening statement, crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy. #ImpeachmentDebate

iPhone : Joe Welch I’m not acting like anything.

I’m telling you what he said in that 2011 video DIRECTLY contradicts what he said on TV.

I’ve said it several times today including a quote and the video and I’ve retweeted others pointing it out.

If you don’t get it, then I can’t help you.

Twitter Web App : Its hard to take Rep. Ratcliffe seriously after ** even this supine Republican Party ** warned Trump not to try to make him DNI.

Twitter Web App : GOP Lindsey Graham Remember when Lindsey HATED trump and said if he was elected, wed get what we deserved? Yeah, good times. Gotta love that Russian blackmail. How are those RNC emails doing? We never did hear about those again, did we? I wonder what they all said?...

Android : Donald Trump Jr. Killed a Rare Sheep on a Trip to Mongolia and Then Got a Retroactive OK for It. He instructed the guides to carry the carcass to preserve the fur and horns. Its unclear whether he has imported his trophy to the U.S.… via The Daily Beast

Twitter for iPad : Its telling that ChuckGrassley isnt howling about the NYC FBI leaks to Rudy Giuliani in the 2016 election. I mean, Senator Grassley is all over the FBI for opening a legitimate, predicated, legal investigation into Trump-Russia.

Wheres your outrage, Chuck?


Twitter for iPad : I’m a gay black boy from rural Georgia.

Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate I’ve ever felt who not only sees me, but has plans to affirm me and empower the voices of the communities to which I belong.

And what’s even better? She’s asking us to hold her accountable. #WinWithWarren

Twitter Web App : This is a spectacular essay and profs ... when a student reveals bigotries embedded in a beloved text or topic, say thank you.…

Android : Wow! Wow! Wow! Joni Ernst was slapped with the largest FEC fine against an Iowan in our history! She broke the law and she got caught.

But apparently, she didnt learn her lesson. Her campaign trickery continues.


Twitter Web App : Opposing these monstrous acts is an act of goodness and truth that affirms the humanity of all people.

Be loud in the cause of love, friends.

There is no greater reason to be alive.…

Twitter for iPad : WTHF is right! And what’s Lavrov doing there anyway? What about Zelensky? Isn’t he the one who was promised a WH mtg? Oh, right, he didn’t do Trump’s bidding by sliming Biden. So of course: we slyly kiss up to Russia and toss Ukraine to the wolves while Zelensky meets with Putin.…

Twitter Web App : Sen. Dianne Feinstein calls out GOP on IG report

This was not a politically motivated investigation. There is no deep state. Simply put, the FBIs investigation was motivated by facts, no bias.

iPhone : Teacher: What would you like to accomplish when you grow up?

Student: I’d like there to be some sort of terrier named after me.

Teacher: That’s very ambitious, Jack Russell.

Android : Joni Ernst Donald J. Trump 🤣🤣🤣
1) USMCA barely changes from NAFTA, & it took Democrats to add enforcement guarantees.
2) Your #GOPTaxScam for the rich added trillions to the debt.
3) Youre celebrating destroying the environment?🤦‍♂️
4) Economy built on Obamas RECORD growth, & Trump devastating our farms

Twitter Web App : News: A Trump-appointed judge ruled Wednesday that Secretary Pompeo must prove he complied with the Federal Records Act by collecting and preserving interpreter notes from Trumps meetings with Putin.…

Android : I remain convinced that you could write anything under the sun on Grassleys question cards and he would read them out loud without stopping and possibly without even realizing what he said.

Twitter for iPad : Discussing time limits for public forum. City clerk Angie Beckman gave Robison an example where Geels told the speaker they were running out of time and a person in the audience volunteered their time to them.

“This isn’t congress, they can’t do that,” Robison said.…

Twitter Web App : AG Barr/GOP are basically Philip-Morris saying: Cigarettes dont cause cancer.

Inspector General saying Yes they do. Here is the empirical evidence.

AG Barr/GOP doubling down saying They dont, but if they did cause cancer, cancer is good for you. #senatehearing…

Instagram : Shopped til you dropped? If you need a few more things (or just want something for yourself!) go take a look at our shop and see if we can help! EVERYTHING is 20% off, no code needed! Carriers, clothing, accessories,……

iPhone : This is David. He’s a 9 year-old child who testified at a NJ assembly hearing on a bill that would give undocumented immigrants, like his parents, drivers licenses.

This is where we’re at in this country, where children have to beg lawmakers for freedoms.

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Twitter Web Client : What point is Castor trying to make? Im not saying Ukraine interfered in the election instead of Russia. Im just saying some Ukrainian officials may have intended on interfering in the 2016 election. What the fuck is his point?!

iPhone : I haven’t been witness to “Markup” in the past.
But Rep Collins appears to be preaching.
Nothing more.
Screaming how unfair.
How deceitful
How dishonest.
How damaging
hearings have been.
Trump like projection.
He’s trashing his own Republicans
Such an asshole!!

Twitter Web App : Senate Repubs can’t refute the evidence that Trump is still abusing his power, betraying our national security, corrupting his office and compromising the upcoming election — so of course they’d prefer a trial without witnesses or documents, all of which would be incriminating.…

iPhone : How can we tell corporations, universities, media outlets—or Republicans—to diversify if we’re not willing to work on own house?

Democrats—we can do better.

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iPhone : Tell me again how equity is divisive when black and brown girls are 7 times more likely to be suspended than their white counterparts? Sounds like a systematic divide already exists and we need to acknowledge it so we can resolve it.

iPhone : Also, get your flu shots y’all. I tested positive for the flu today and feel like I’m dying. Don’t mess around. The flu is dangerous.