Im Suzi Poppins, yall! (@SoozleMcDoozle )

Im Suzi Poppins, yall!

Bio Professional friend for people with dementia.
I also write and make art.
#blacklivesmatter #NeverAgain #WarrenWagon #KHive

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Twitter for iPad : Senator John Cornyn You’re right. I lost my sense of humor when this country elected a self admitted sexual assaulter, a liar, and a person who degrades the office of the president on a daily basis.
But I guess that’s just me....

Twitter Web App : No, Joni, its not just mental health. If it were, all other developed nations would have the same level of gun violence we do. They dont. We need an assault weapons ban, and truly universal background checks, training and licensing. kg

Twitter for iPad : You might hear your constituents, but you definitely arent listening.

In fact, the only people you seem to listen to are your donors.…

Twitter for iPad : BREAKING: The FECs Republicans block all investigation of & enforcement against Russians Torshin & Butina re the NRA & the 2016 presidential election.

Result: FEC does nothing to find out the truth behind one of the most blockbuster campaign finance allegations in recent memory.

iPhone : Did you miss a #RecessRally today? Good news: there are lots more on Sunday.

Text RALLY to 644-33 and join us at an event near you on Sunday.

Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. And your Senators need to see that you demand action to stop gun violence.

Twitter Web App : Dave Dreeszen Except that the projectiles are significantly different. They both may get off the same number of shots, but the results of a direct hit are much different between the two.

Twitter Web App : In 2017, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst voted in favor of a bill which eliminated a rule designed to keep guns out of the hands of those diagnosed with a mental illness.

Now, Ernst claims that mental illness causes mass murders.

Joni Ernst loves #NRAMoney…

CoSchedule : On August 20th, I release LOW: An Honest Advent Devotional.

It speaks to the breadth of Christmas season: the joy and the grieving, the celebration and the suffering, the belief and the doubt.
Preorder for 5.99!…

Android : Stan Urban - Some Rock n Roll in Dundee train station

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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Ellen Weintraub, The chair of the Federal Elections Commission on Friday called on Trump to either provide evidence to support his claim that he would have won New Hampshires electoral votes in 2016 had it not been for voter fraud, or Stop saying The baseless claim.

iPhone : David Allison Floyd Not all men, for sure, but damn dude, we are all fucking tired of people needing to point this out. We are tired of care taking your defensive / hurt feelings. Go deal with those on your own time and come back better.

iPhone : Beyoncé: I am so grateful that my daughters and my son live in a world where Michelle Obama shines as a beacon of hope who inspires all of us to do better and to be better.


iPhone : The Proud Boys are white nationalists.

They’re demonstrating in Portland today. This comes after deadly white supremacist terrorist attacks 2 weeks ago.

The fact Trump tweeted a warning about Antifa, without mentioning the Proud Boys, tells you everything about where he stands.…

Twitter Web App : Ep 1 of #TheFamilyNetflix we see #TheFamily leader David Coe (dramatized) give an unusual take on King David. Why do we revere this man? he asks. Here’s this guy who slept with another man’s wife—Bathsheba, right?—and then basically murdered her husband... 1/

Android : We ran into some supporters in Little Rock who were helping their friend Anna move in, and decided to surprise her by lending a hand.

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Android : Well, it seems that the syphilitic bonobos that program the GOPs website surveys have left yet another one open for us to. . . enjoy. Remember folks, random answers on multiple choice are mathematically more likely to jam their signals.

Have fun.…

Android : The stain Donald Trump leaves on our Nation’s soul should be a constant reminder that we cannot assume candidates for public office have the competence, integrity, & decency Americans deserve. In 2020, we need to elect someone to safeguard & strengthen democracy, not trample it.

Twitter Web App : The FEC) 's Twitter Profile">The FEC #ICYMI: Republicans on the The FEC) 's Twitter Profile">The FEC Board REFUSED to even investigate possible Russian money laundering into the 2016 election thru the NRA.

They voted NO despite the indictment of Russian spy Maria Butina and her communications w/ oligarch Alexander Torshin.…

iPhone : Why are the police coordinating with a violent extremist group that bussed people across state lines to terrorize a city? #Portland #PortlandProtest…

iPhone : Ellen Weintraub, chair of the FEC, talks about the resistance by her Republican colleagues to allow so much as a phone call to the FBI to inquire about an investigation into whether Russian money donated to the NRA was for the Trump campaign.…

iPhone : This is wonderful and I’m sending it to all my teacher friends. I would especially like to see the story of Grandpa’s drum incorporated into classrooms all over the country.…

Android : @JoniErnst has voted four times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and we refuse to sit by and pretend shes Iowa Nice while she threatens our lives.” #PhonyJoni #GunReformNow #iasen #ProtectOurCare

TweetDeck : .Joni Ernst you cant vote to make it easier for those with mental illness to get a gun and then say the root problem of gun violence are individuals with mental illness?

You can’t have it both ways!

#GunReformNow #IAsen


1. In case they want to pick fights with gorillas. Gorillas are almost immune to verbal reading. Direct challenges are better.

Twitter Web App : Chuck Woolery We hate him because he foments divisiveness. He mocks people of color, with disabilities, with physical problems. He alienates allies. He praises murderous dictators. And he driving farmers to bankruptcies. Open your eyes.

iPhone : The hammer in this clip came from the fascists, not antifa.

Andy Ngo isn’t a journalist. He’s an instigator whose sole purpose is baiting gullible journalists into overreacting to antifa.…

iPhone : The problem with Sen. Ernst health care plans should the ACA be repealed are 1. Proven to be ineffective for those with pre-ex, chronic illness, etc. 2. Nothing actually passed and ready. Are millions just supposed to wait and hope while Congress puts something together?

Twitter Web App : US border agents tore the 7-year-old boy away from his father and put him in a faraway foster home. There, he was repeatedly sexually molested. The latest in the The Associated Press FRONTLINE investigation of Americas separation of migrant kids from their parents.…

Twitter Web App : This tweet, compared to the replies from Black writers and scholars, shows how Black people have been thinking critically about race for a lifetime. This is why we scratch our heads when y’all stumble to make sense of your country for the first time as adults.…