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Android : We’re hiring a research aerospace engineer in VA! NASA engineers have a genuine curiosity for how things work and are always eager to learn. Interested in joining our team? Check out this vacancy before it closes on May 29: #NASAJobs #Moon2024

Android : #Now in 2009, astronauts John Grunsfeld & Drew Feustel begin the final spacewalk of Hubbles last servicing mission. Their goals include installing new batteries, insulation panels, and an enhanced sensor to track the stars. #SM4live…

Android : Four flights over four nights. ✅
Find out what we can learn about the universe ✨ from 40,000 feet: #FridayFeeling

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Android : #ALMA Observatory is featured in National Geographic for DSHARP.!

This program has yielded twenty high-resolution images of nearby protoplanetary disks, giving astronomers new insights into the speed with which planets can emerge.…

Twitter Web Client : 🌎 Scientists now have the first opportunity to watch the Earth breathe from space. Discover the science and ISS Research that’s happening 250 miles above our home planet: Ask questions using #SpaceToGround

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Android : Whatcha lookin at? Haven’t you seen a space robot before? 🤖

Astrobee is our new flying robotic assistant aboard the Intl. Space Station! This ones name is Bumble, like the bee 🐝, and it just passed ✅ its initial hardware check in preparation for flight:

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Android : 📸 Greater Los Angeles, imaged by a CubeSat! See any landmarks? Click for a labeled map showing where they are:

This photo was taken by NASA JPLs ASTERIA satellite. It was built to search for exoplanets but pointed its camera at Earth to test hardware.

Android : This long, almost triangular boulder formation casts a long shadow in asteroid Bennus early morning sunlight.

The boulder is 62 ft (18.9 m) in length, which is about the length of a bowling lane. (Unsure if USBC would consider it regulation, though.)

Android : As our aspirations for space grow more ambitious, so too must the ways we build our spacecraft! So we partnered with NASA Marshall to study how 3-D printing can be used to build next-gen rocket parts at a fraction of the cost and lead time. Read more:

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Android : #CLEstate researchers are working to better understand #Alzheimers & #dementia, and developing new methods to better manage the diseases.

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Android : Super fun day staring at dirt and contemplating an inevitable mortality that is racing toward me like a meteor.

Also listening to podcasts.…

Android : At NASA, our engineers are turning dreams into reality. We’re seeking an aerospace engineer to serve as the Human Factors Technical Discipline Lead in TX. View this vacancy before it closes today (5/16): #NASAJobs #Moon2Mars