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Bio NASAs page for updates from the International Space Station, the world-class lab orbiting Earth 250 miles above. For the latest research, follow @ISS_Research.
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Twitter Web App : The Exp 61 crew researched advanced tech and space biology today while readying to deploy small satellites by midweek. Read more...

iPhone : Attention media:
On 11/20 we will hold a telecon to discuss research launching to Intl. Space Station including:

🔥A study analyzing flame behavior in confined spaces
⚛️A new tool for the Cold Atom Lab
🌱A study analyzing barely seeds in microgravity

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iPhone : What is the Intl. Space Station? 🛰️
Can I see it from Earth? 🌎
What time zone does it run on? ⏰

Watch the next #AskNASA episode w/ Jacob Keaton, as he answers your questions about our orbiting lab:

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iPhone : Unfathomable science & teamwork. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is an instrument seeking to unlock the mystery of dark matter. To keep it running, a world of scientists, engineers & astronauts have been working for years to design a complex repair job.

Twitter Media Studio : Two astronauts completed the first in a series of complex spacewalks to repair a particle physics experiment. Also, samples that had been exposed to space in an airlock were retrieved for analysis. #SpaceToGround

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Twitter Web App : .@Astro_Luca of @ESA and Andrew Morgan of NASA concluded their spacewalk at 1:18pm EST. The two astronauts successfully positioned materials, removed a debris cover, and installed handrails in preparation for future spacewalks. Read more... : Todays spacewalk to start repairs on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is wrapping up and @Astro_Luca takes a ride on the CanadianSpaceAgency Canadarm to join up with Andrew Morgan at the Quest Airlock.

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TweetDeck : Just tuning in for today’s spacewalk? This animation shows the work that’s being completed outside of the Intl. Space Station to repair the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a cosmic ray detector.

Watch Andrew Morgan and @Astro_Luca at work:…

  • Start Video : Earlier in todays spacewalk the astronauts detached and released the debris shield covering the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to allow for access to make repairs. Vinayak K Hiremath would like to know, Why is the debris shield not being reused? #AskNASA |

  • Start Video : .@Astro_Luca has started work on get-ahead tasks to prepare for the next spacewalk, since the astronauts are ahead of schedule for today. jakryanvrchat asks, How long does an average spacewalk last? #AskNASA |

  • Start Video : Todays spacewalkers are using a tool to cut and retain zip ties that was developed by STEM students. Learn more about the zip-tie cutter here:

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TweetDeck : All three handrails are in place, 90 minutes ahead of schedule Luca Parmitano has started the last planned task for today's #SpacewalkforAMS: removing zip ties and insulation cover on a vertical support strut of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. : One main task for todays spacewalk was to remove and jettison the debris shield covering the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. Paddy OBrien wants to know, Will the debris shield head back to earth then burn up in the atmosphere? #AskNASA |

  • Start Video : Our first #AskNASA question today comes from BOB ODARE, JR. who asked, How long does depressurization last before the hatch is opened?

  • Start Video : The debris shield that covered Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer floats away towards Earth as Andrew Morgan successfully releases it. #AskNASA |

  • Start Video : The view from @Astro_Lucas helmet camera as he works to remove fasteners on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer debris shield. #AskNASA |

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TweetDeck : During today’s spacewalk to begin repairs to a cosmic ray detector located outside of the Intl. Space Station, Andrew Morgan & @Astro_Luca will:
🧰 Position materials
🔩 Remove a debris cover
👨‍🚀 Install handrails in preparation for future spacewalks

Watch:… : Spacewalkers @Astro_Luca and Andrew Morgan set up their work area to begin repairs on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer that will take place over multiple spacewalks. #AskNASA |

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