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iPhone : 7 national security Dems, all freshmen, call for impeachment: "Our lives have been defined by national service. We are not career politicians...Now, we join as a unified group to uphold that oath"โ€ฆ

iPhone : I know we say this a lot but this is SO mafia-like. Hold back the spoils until the victim pays up.โ€ฆ

iPhone : NEW: The Manhattan D.A. has asked for a dismissal of the President's lawsuit seeking to hold an accounting firm from turning over his tax records.

They say the conduct being investigated is unrelated to the office of the President and the law provides no "sweeping immunity."

iPhone : Watching Rachel Rachel Maddow MSNBC and I almost blew the hot coals from my BOWL into my lap, when she said Joey 5 Pants is back with his Skeletor wife from Faux News are BACK.

T Simms

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iPhone : 7 national security Democrats: If true, Trumpโ€™s actions are impeachable - The Washington Post
If Trump tried to persuade a foreign country to investigate a political opponent are proven true, the actions would "represent an impeachable offense."โ€ฆ

iPhone : So Laura Ingraham #FoxNews ?
All other protestors-Around the world- are ALL wrong. The WHOLE world is nuts, NOT YOU. EVERYONE wrong BUT youre right?<--text-book narcissistic sociopath. #Ingraham and #fox are dangerous (Dr. Ruskin is = scary!) "Who's really behind it." <-SERIOUSLYโ€ฆ