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iPhone : This is yet another reason to look at what he does, not listen to what he says.

America was never his priority, he was!

In a month, Trump has destroyed β€˜America First’…

iPhone : Yes what happened to all of the American β€œwinning?”
Oh right, the winning was only ever for the wealthy. Silly me.

China is waging war with U.S. businesses. And it’s winning.…

iPhone : Filing Shows Eric Trump Raised Millions, Lied About His Foundation's Expenses.

Oops, wrong headline. πŸ€”

β€˜Where’s Hunter?’ Trump asks, as Biden’s son promises not to work with foreign companies if father wins presidency in 2020 | Fox News…

iPhone : Schiff defends holding witness interviews in private. β€œIf witnesses could tailor their testimony to other witnesses, they would love for one witness to be able to hear what another witness says so that they can know what they can give away and what they can't,” he said on CBS

iPhone : Scott Dworkin I agree with this post in its entirety. The man is a hack. He hasn’t been a pResident for even one day. He’s just been an egotistical narcissist only concerned with self-interest and spreading hatred and division as were his orders from pUtin.

iPhone : Our allies are being slaughtered and Trump’s at the golf course, because he’s a lazy useless traitor who hates America.

iPhone : Perhaps wrongheadedly, I’ve resisted applying a certain word to Trump. But not after he denounced Pelosi as one who β€œhates the country” because she supports the impeachment inquiry.
That’s the talk of a fascist: opposing me makes you an enemy of the homeland.
It’s fascist.