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Bio wannabe game designer, current crying teenager [16] She/Her oh yeah my name is Georgia I guess
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iPhone : GCSE results today! I passed all 10 and somehow got an 8 on my worse subject 💚 #gcseresultsday2019 #gcses2019 #GCSEResults2019

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Twitter Web Client : So, my next game is acomin'. Anything you wanna know about it, you can see on the official steampage!

I present: Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim.


iPhone : No one:

AQA Chemistry Separate Paper 2:
dO a tEsT tO shOw - - -
gIve tHe rEsUlTS.

tEsT: _________________________________ ______________________
rEsuLTs: _____________________________________________________________

#aqa #aqachemistry #chemistryGCSE #gcses #GCSEs2019 #gcse

Twitter Web App : My love letter to AQA 💚 #GCSES #GCSEs2019 #GCSE2019 #AQA

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Twitter Web Client : from a lil while ago, but heres some fanart of someone who gives me nostalgia and is permanently a reminder in my nickname
#springtrap #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #fnafspringtrap

Twitter Web Client : Trying to think of what the hell brings Jews together when suddenly my mind is

dear invigilator, please don't wear noisy shoes