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iPhone : I refuse to bow to a harassment campaign from people who don't live here

If I'm alone then so be it

But if we let these terrorists win

Then what are we leaving for our children?

"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit"

iPhone : Ross Bennett Hey clueless idiot. I was there all day. The only racists I saw were Antifa and their supporters. Didn’t see any White Supremacists or Neo Nazis or the Alt-Right. Maybe a few snuck in. However if you are looking for racist POC there were a lot!

iPhone : Do the research yourself. Numerous managers and other employees of Planned Parenthood echo what I just said. Why is it that libtards and lefties are unable to remember or understand anything beyond one liners screamed at them all day. I’m looking at you little girl!…

iPhone : Steven Crowder interviewed a high level woman who left Planned Parenthood and talks about how they operate!…