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Bio Steady State Manchester is working with people and organisations for a Greater Manchester that is economically, socially and ecologically viable.
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Android : Noah Smith) 's Twitter Profile">Noah Smith Bloomberg Opinion Thank you Noah Smith) 's Twitter Profile">Noah Smith for your biased critique. Benefits from economic growth go to the rich, not the poor. Needed: fairer distribution of income and wealth.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Gandhi

Android : Important point for #postgrowth2018:
The problem facing us isn't just growth but scale: 1.7 planets. We are already in overshoot, facing the abyss of a collapsing ecosystem. GDP (and GVA) growth (as proxy for material growth) just makes it worse.

Android : After #postgrowth2018 in European Parliament, I am more confident that alternatives are needed to reconfigure our deeply problematic (material) growth-based economies. Let us turn this into public issue. Add your support here:…

Android : frackfree_eu I do understand where she's coming from and it might be cultural as well as political but perhaps it also stems from the fact that many people outside the postgrowth community are not aware of certain aspects of systems dynamics and interdependencies.

Android : Yes within an overall contraction that gets aggregate material footprint within earth's biocapacity. Currently estimated we exceed by factor of 1.7…

Android : As our economies have grown, so has our negative impact on the environment. We are now exceeding the safe operating space for humanity on this planet. Sign the post-growth open letter here:… #PostGrowth2018 #CoR50

Android : It's all well + good new Labour councillors making protests about no affordable housing in central Manchester but (1) nothing has changed in the development model pursued by the Council (2) no Councillor has put forward a plan to change this model…

TweetDeck : First We Take Jackson a post from me on the New American Municipalism… #FearlessCities

TweetDeck : "A Cumulative Set of Risks Undermines the Viability of the Fossil Fuel Sector"
Divestment from Fossil Fuels The Financial Case.…

TweetDeck : ZERO....
Not one affordable or social housing unit even after all that pre-election bluster

Talk is easy

Developers like Fred Done must be laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of our city

The boom wont last forever. Opportunity to make a fairer city slipping away