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iPhone : Britain's billionaires 'prepare to flee country amid fears Jeremy Corbyn will be next Prime Minister''

Individuals could take up to ยฃ1 trillion out of Britain

Who is going to pay for all my free stuff when they go Jeremy

iPhone : I don't know why so many people these days are ashamed to be British

We're a great country and a nice people

Do we get things wrong yes, is the country perfect no, can we do better absolutely but we're really not bad.

If people really hate it that much they should bugger off.

iPhone : IT'S A WINNER !

New immigration rules by the Conservative Government .

You can only come to the UK if you have a job waiting for you .

You are not entitled to any UK benefits until you have contributed for 5 years .

You will not be able to claim for dependants abroad .

iPhone : How the incompetent Thornberry's opinions have changed but no surprise to us. twitter.com/_BrexitTory/stโ€ฆ

iPhone : David Lammy Theyโ€™re not talking about six year olds! But yes, city teens who never get out into the countryside/never see the regions of their own country? Whatโ€™s so terrible about that? Or do you think itโ€™s only suitable work for foreigners?

iPhone : PREDICTION: Having spent two weeks now door knocking, canvassing, socialising, networking..

In Ashfield Corbyn is dead. The Labour vote is gone. 100 doors, 2 want Corbyn. His name is dirt. Itโ€™s justice of sorts

Whatever happens we must destroy Corbyn #ChangePoliticsForGood

iPhone : Remember terrorists facing the camera, huge knife in hand that had just almost severed Lee Rigbys head? Now read this... Seamus Milne Jeremy Corbynโ€™s Communications Director wrote; the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby โ€œwasnโ€™t terrorism because the soldier had served in Afghanistan!โ€