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Twitter Web App : LIVE TV: Many epidemiologists and virologists got horrified by Trump’s yesterday #coronavirus presser. They’re concerned with Trump’s administration handling of COVID19 crisis including spreading of misinformation, lack of understanding of science and incompetence. Appalling!

Twitter Web App : Inspector general to probe whether VA chief Wilkie tried to discredit Democratic aide who reported sexual assault…

Twitter Web App : Make no mistake -

Trump has no intention of solving the coronavirus outbreak.

He wants a national emergency.

He wants to declare Martial Law.

He wants to suspend the 2020 election.

That. has. been. his. plan. all. along.

Twitter Web App : ...and, while its credibility can't get any worse, its incompetence will worsen as Trump officials, encouraged by the silence of the head of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, continue to talk of purging career Feds and pursue their quest of replacing experts with loyalists

Twitter Web App : This week's stock market dive was the fastest 10%+ decline in US history. Pretty telling that most of it came after Trump's presser where he said it was only as bad as the flu before naming the guy who enabled the worst HIV outbreak in Indiana history to oversee the US response.

Twitter Web App : House Armed Services chairman working on bill to restore Pentagon funding taken for border wall…

Twitter Web App : Thank you Nancy Pelosi for leading on gun safety. Your question to Leader McConnell was exactly right. Senator McConnell, why do you think your political survival is more important than the survival of our children? It is too late for my daughter Senator McConnell, do it now!!!

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Twitter Web App : Donald Trump tweeted fourteen hours ago that he thought some people were spying on him, and he hasn’t been heard from since.

Twitter Web App : Rep.Stefanik has betrayed her Oath to God & Country she is No Hero. She’s just a Trump Troll & a Threat to our Constitution! She must be Voted OUT!…

Twitter Web App : This tweet is a reminder that Donald J. Trump in last 2 years:

- Cut 80% of CDC programs to prevent global disease outbreak

-Shutdown entire global health security unit at NatSec Council

-Cut Nat. Health Spending by $15B

-Eliminated $30m complex crisis fund


Twitter Web App : I was the WH Ebola Response Coordinator in 2014-15. We never told CDC or NIH what they could say, or ever censored their medical statements. If the WH is doing that now, it is a danger to public health.…

Twitter Web App : I wouldn't trust Mike Pence to run a lemonade stand, let alone the coronavirus response. Pence has said smoking doesn't kill, that condoms don't work and said sending "values" to Africa would combat the HIV virus. Trump literally chose the worst person ever to run this response.

Twitter Web App : It's illegal to destroy saguaro cactuses. So why are they being removed for Trump’s border wall?…

Twitter Web App : Here we go. Go out in public? Wash Your Hands Regularly. Get wipes with alcohol in them to use after you're at a gas pump. Do not touch your face until hands are cleaned. Read up on the correct way to wash your hands. Yes, there is a correct way. Please be smart, be safe! ❤…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Hey TRUMP what’s up with this! Do you have dementia, amnesia or your just a big hypocrite! #coronavirus #caronavirusoutbreak #Pence