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Twitter for iPad : I think its safe to say that these two young lads in the #bbcqt audience arent fans of our politicians rolling back on their pledge to respect our vote...

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Twitter for iPad : “I voted for Labour in ‘17 under the premise that they’d respect the outcome of the referendum. I can’t believe you have the absolute audacity to sit there and criticise Boris when he’s actually made an effort to get us out. You’ve sold your soul out to the liberal elites” #BBCQT

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Twitter for iPad : The choice is do you want a Conservative government or a Corbyn led Labour one? Conservatives will promote prosperity with affordable tax cuts and improved public services. Labour will put up taxes with unaffordable nationalisation.

Twitter for iPad : “I voted remain but I’ve changed my mind. It’d be a travesty if there was a second referendum”

Q: Can I ask you what’s made you change your mind?

A: The treatment of leavers. It’s really unfair that they’ve been smeared and labelled as fascists. It’s just not right. #BBCQT

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Twitter for iPad : “I was too young to vote in the referendum. However, it was a democratic choice. The Lib Dems and the Labour Party are an absolute disgrace. The Labour Partys manifesto of 2017 was to deliver Brexit. All theyve done is vote against it at every chance.” #BBCQT


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Twitter for iPad : MPs need to be resilient, we understand that a political life is unpredictable and very often stressful.


Hearing so many good colleagues, particularly women, leaving parliament because of online and physical abuse is heartbreaking.

Twitter for iPad : Read my piece for The Sun on the free trade opportunities for Britain. We will drive a hard bargain and get the best deal for our country.👇…

Twitter for iPad : Labour's scaremongering is more proof that they can't be trusted to run a car boot sale, let alone this country.

They are anti-freedom and would rather strike trade deals with Venezuela or Russia than free-market democracies like Australia and Japan. 👇…

Twitter for iPad : Heading back to the Island tonight to start the election campaign. We need to deliver on Brexit and then deliver on the people’s priorities: Police, the NHS and the economy.


Twitter for iPad : “Today I met new police recruits at Hendon Police College. Across the country people are joining police forces as part of our plans to recruit 20,000 new police officers.” – PM Boris Johnson

Twitter for iPad : “I’ve just seen Jeremy Corbyn’s general election campaign launch.”

James Cleverly MP exposes the flaws in Labour’s plans.

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Twitter for iPad : Officers have stopped, engaged and dispersed 6 youths from the Micklefield area of High Wycombe under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing act 2014 due to the reports of youths throwing fireworks at members of the public. #TVPHalloween #C6857

Twitter for iPad : I’ve just seen Jeremy Corbyn’s general election campaign launch.

His plans would hurt the very people he claims to represent.

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Twitter for iPad : #WATCH: Health Secretary Matt Hancock takes apart Labour’s lies.

💙 Only Boris Johnson and a strong economy can fund a brilliant health service.

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Twitter for iPad : PM Boris Johnson has had a busy day, meeting NHS workers at Addenbrookes Hospital CUH, teachers and students @AbbotsGreen primary school, and police officers at Hendon Police College.

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iPhone : I thought Lib Dem’s policy was to revoke on day one when Jo Swinson becomes prime minister ??? Is this just like tuition fees; say revoke to some voters, People’s Vote to another and no mention of Brexit in leave seats such as Eastbourne or Carshalton. Never trust the Lib Dem’s…