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iPhone : History will remember jim jordan as the man who protects criminal sexual predators at all costs. First at Ohio St. and then the White House.…

iPhone : Hey Mike Bloomberg or Tom Steyer ,

You really wanna help save democracy, make sure these papers survive. These are great newspapers with real journalists who hold the powerful to account.

The billionaire class can help in a lotta ways other than running for president.…

iPhone : The impeachment process will reveal whether Republicans will tolerate corruption, dishonesty, & avarice in our Nation’s highest office. If so, America’s political soul & global standing will be indelibly sullied, and Donald J. Trump will have destroyed the very heart of the GOP.

iPhone : The aid was released AFTER the whistleblower complaint was made public, you fuckin playground bully.

Ps. How you spoke to life long public servant Ambassador Taylor today is a disgrace. You stain the office you hold.…

iPhone : Your daily reminder that there is already more than enough evidence to impeach Trump.

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iPhone : Devin Nunes said stop retweeting

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iPhone : All these guys keep saying no aid was withheld from Ukraine.

Why is nobody pointing out that Trump didn't release the aid to Ukraine until AFTER the whistleblower came forward?

iPhone : Taylor testifying that the President of the United States ordered the President of Ukraine to go to a microphone and announce an investigation into Joe Biden.

I mean what else do we need here?

iPhone : If we lived in a functioning democracy with a Republican Party that cared more about their country than their party, Trump would be getting on Marine One to leave the White House for the last time by dinner based in today’s testimony alone.

iPhone : Let’s just skip to the part where your dad goes to prison and the rest of you can’t go anywhere other than fuckin Tuscaloosa without being shamed back into your holes.…

iPhone : Every single one of this motherfucker’s tweets is an attempt to obstruct congress and justice and is an impeachable offense of its own.…

iPhone : Happy Impeachmus Eve, everybody! Have you ever been more excited about bein’ a part of history?

Let’s send our strength and best wishes to all the brave Patriots standin’ up and speakin’ the truth about the most corrupt president in American history. Godspeed to all!

iPhone : My new oped: "impeachment hearings this week will be at least as important for what is not said as for what is...Trump’s effort to hinder the House investigation..strikes at the heart of American democracy & is itself the essence of an impeachable offense"

iPhone : Every single prominent Democrat needs to call for Miller’s resignation right now. Let’s go guys. Jesus.
The guy is an actual white supremacist and there is now proof.

No decision could be simpler.…