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Bio 27, cosplayer, loner, biker, shameless otaku, gamer, outdoorsman, Eagle Scout, college grad, and 30% Japanese! I’m a dude, but I also play as Erza in FFXIV.
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iPhone : Final Fantasy XV Excited for this, but I was also hoping for Episode Aranea. 😞

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iPhone : My two favorite waifus in GATE. Apostle Rory Mercury and Dark Elf Yao Ro Dushi. I got pretty far into the manga. I’m almost caught up to where the anime ended, but there were extra stories and events in between.

iPhone : Socialism:

When the super-rich force broke people to pay super-rich people to give amenities to even more broke people. twitter.com/LegendaryEnerg…

iPhone : What’s everyone’s favorite NEW anime this season? For me, it’s a battle between Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai and Goblin Slayer. They’re both so good! Rascal probably takes the win for me.

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iPhone : Quincy Johnson Very true. When it comes time for them to use those lights in the winter here in northern MI, they drive with them off in poor visibility. Always a white or silver vehicle too. Fools. 🤦🏻‍♂️

iPhone : I finished watching GATE last night. I really enjoyed the anime, and am now reading the manga adaption. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been published in English past volume 2, because it’s “too nationalistic”. As an American, I wasn’t offended by the creator’s stance. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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iPhone : Rewatching Erza vs Erza today with my nephews. They thought it was so cool. Gave me the chills just like the first time I saw it.

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iPhone : I just started watching the anime GATE. Loving it so far!

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iPhone : cyclesandwvves Yes! I miss those days, brother. Melee is still my favorite to this day. Many good times with that. I think Ultimate will top it (for me) just because it has every character ever featured.

iPhone : I had no idea that Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate comes out on Friday. I thought it was supposed to drop in January for some reason. Crazy! 🙀

iPhone : Edens Zero Fairy Tail I have always been more of a Vegito fan, but I have to give respect to canon Gogeta. Super excited to see him now that Toei went and spoiled things. (I suspected he would make an appearance based on the old movies being shown, but wanted to be surprised).